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Well, another month has rolled by and as I sit to write this entry I think to myself, ‘Did I actually do anything this month?’ And the answer is, not really. Well, I did a lot of work on one specific kit even though I’m still far from done. So let’s talk about what’s…

On the Work Table


He’s got feet now. And the first stage of the dragoons is completed. I say completed because I was going to replace a piece of the backpack because it cracked but the other three pieces for that section have also cracked so I said, “F&*k it! It’s not like you can see this thing when the Dragoons are on” and I am moving forward.

I’ll be painting some more of the armor pieces of the Dragoons and then putting on what I hope to be the final red paint. After that I have the Kanji to write and markings, etc. and I’ll be done. Maybe.

Other than Courage there’s only one other gundam kit that is currently on the Work Table.

1/144 RG MS-06F Zaku II

I am liking this RG. Sure it’s much like the Char’s but there are some important differences, or should I say inclusions?, which make it a kit to pick up. I won’t be painting it but I will be giving it some extra attention.

Kits that I have been working on but have been put aside for now can be considered to be…

Under the Work Table

I think I can just copy the text I wrote in last month’s entry. Here goes.

MG 00 Raiser

This guy is still on the work table because I am contemplating doing a kit bash with the Qan[T].  I posted a pic on the Gaijin Gunpla facebook page of the two kits mixed together and it looks pretty good.  It doesn’t look like it would be overly complicated but of course things can change.

MG Epyon

I love this kit and right now I can’t decide whether I want to fix this up as a straight build, paint it into something else, or buy a second kit and do both.

[Editor’s note: I bought a second kit.]
The last kit still actively on the work table is the

MG Figurerise Heat Metal

This guy got set aside when the 00 Raiser showed up and was kept there because of the MG Epyon.  Amusing to think he may still have a backseat thanks to my plans for both of those kits.

Under the Work Table

I’ve got other kits just sitting waiting to be built such as the Wing Gundam EW version, Force Impulse, V-Dash, all of which I want to start, however there is one kit sitting just under my work table that I am really excited about.  I can’t give out the details yet but I will give you a hint; It’s another PG.

Really, not much has changed in the past month other than the work on the Courage Project. That is one time consuming kit.

For future projects, or…

Coming to the Work Table
Delta Plus! Delta Plus! MG Delta Plus! Yup, this month is the release of the next UC MG and you can tell I am pretty excited. I will definitely be picking it up the day it is released. On the horizon there’s another MG, the MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword, but as I already built the 0 Raiser I think I will pass on that one, but there has just been an announcement for the MG Sandrock and I am definitely interested in that one!

Hopefully in this entry next month I will be writing about my finished Courage kit and the kits I will be able to build thanks to being finished that PG.

7 Responses so far.

  1. QantaRaiser says:

    Yay for delta plue and MG seven swords, might have to buy those (to bad i’m going to college and won’t be able to build anything) not a huge fan of EW Sandrock, i don’t like the blue, its supposed to be a desert suit, blue is not desert. Courage is looking great, and i can’t wait to see what you do with Epyon. also, mainly because i want to do a 00 kit bash myself, i think a 00/Qan[T] would be sweet.

  2. Tom says:

    Does the RG Zaku II Mass production type come with weapon holding hands?

    • Shaomu/Nyanerius says:

      Yes it does~! (Just one, if I recall) And an IHAVEFINGERS hand, too!

      • syd says:

        He’s right! It comes with the standard RG flexible hands but also one left hand molded in the shape of a grabbing hand and a right hand that grips weapons. However, you only get there isn’t enough of the green armor hand pieces to go around. You can put it on either the RG flexible hands or the molded ‘new’ hands.

  3. Paulo951 says:

    I wonder what the PG could be….MK-II…Zaku….Astray red frame – anyway close???
    Delta Plus in 3 days!!!! I cant wait for the MG Sandrock, it doent get much love at all but I think its awesome especially the one thats coming out in october! I think its the best of all three sandrocks, the sandrock movie ver with the tv colour scheem is a win for me and lets not forget about those huge heat shortels (swords) and a sub-machinegun = 🙂

  4. Dakaramor says:

    I’m with you on the Epyon… I am closing in on finishing mine up and I kind of want to get another one to do a custom color scheme on.

  5. sonar says:

    Very excited about the Delta Plus. Pretty interested to see what your plans will be for it.

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