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The HGFC G Gundam was my first High-Grade kit, if I’m remembering correctly, and impressed me greatly and got me onto the HG line. Since then I’ve built more than a few High Grades and the Nobell, another HGFC kit, and now there are two more G Gundam HGFC kits in the fold in the Master Gundam and the Shining Gundam. I’m not sold on the Shining Gundam yet but the Master intrigued me enough to pick it up and crack it open. Having a few moments to myself the other night I used them to get a quick start on Mr. Master. Here are some things worth noting from the box contents.

There are some extras in the form of postcard sized images. These images are for use with the Action Base 3, so says the instructions on the back.

There’s also plenty of stickers.

a huge effect part for a hand,

and some massively sized, for an HG, plastic pieces.

You also get a horse.

That’s right. A horse.

The build starts by putting the shoulder joint poly-caps into the torso. For the most part the build follows the same pattern as any High Grade kit.

Master Gundam sports a differently shaped noggin from most other mobile suits, but it’s still assembled more or less the same way.

He’s also got some bulbous shoulders.

Here’s the first step to assembling the arms.

And then.

And then.

And finally.

He’s already looking fiendish.

The feet are also fairly simple.

You’ll notice that the ankle armor does not connect together at the front of the foot but rather has a gap for the movable spike on the top of its foot.

I fully expect to finish the suit itself in the next build session.

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  1. Gundam Gunso says:

    The G Gundam is a great kit to start in the HG series. XD

  2. Mark Ian says:

    kit looks good with the colors.

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