Gaijin Gunpla

Gaijin Gunpla is
giving away a Gundam
and you can win it.

Did you like my Haiku (俳句)? Many people are familiar with the Japanese form of poetry comprised of sentences put together using the pattern of 5-7-5 syllables, or in Japanese, on (音).

Well you shouldn’t have liked that Haiku because it wasn’t a Haiku!

Haiku is a very specialized form of poetry which not only requires that syllable structure but also needs two other things.

1) A kireji (切字), or ‘cutting word’, a kind of verbal punctuation mark which signals a moment of separation.

2) A kigo (季語), which is a word referencing a season of the year.

Without these two things a 5-7-5 poem isn’t a Haiku.

So what is it?

It’s Senryuu (川柳). The kanji translates as river willow. Senryuu don’t follow the strict rules of Haiku aside from the 5-7-5 structure. As such, Senryuu tend to be more free and often influenced by the writer’s wit, humour, emotions, and sarcasm and can apply to any aspect of every day life.

I am very fond of Senryuu and have tried my hand (or brain) at composing them in Japanese. I will just copy and paste them from my facebook. Those who can read some Japanese might enjoy them.












Wow, it’s been awhile since I did some Senryuu.

But now it is time
for you to write a Senryuu
and win a Gundam.

Yes, that is how the contest is going down. From now until the deadline of October 31st you can enter for a chance to win the 7-11 Gundam simply by writing a Gundam/Gunpla related Senryuu in the comment section of this post.

To the person who
comes up with the best Senryuu
I will give the prize.

You can enter as many Senryuu as you like so keep them coming. I can’t wait to hear from everyone!

Write the best Senryuu
and you will walk away with…
just kidding, will mail.

I look forward to
everyone’s entry and
laughing my ass off.

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190 Responses so far.

  1. Sherwin Sy says:

    This actually isn’t as easy as I thought… anyway, here’s my first ever Senryuu:

    When buying Gunpla
    Receipt must remain unseen
    By wife with temper.

  2. Sherwin Sy says:

    Here’s another one…

    Hide with my Gunpla
    as she calls me to change the
    baby’s diaper.


  3. Sherwin Sy says:

    Novice in Gunpla
    needs guts, patience, courage, and
    hundreds of band-aids.

  4. Dangit says:

    My stomache aches
    and roars and exhales deeply
    a fleeting wind.

  5. Dangit says:

    Painting quickly
    in preparation
    of dripping moisture

    i forgot about the gundam part 😛

  6. zerovlade says:

    i am awake now
    just to paint gunpla at night
    then my paint spilled, damn

  7. Fireblade says:

    In every gunpla
    there is always something wrong
    and its bandai’s fault.

  8. Dingo says:

    Seems like asian countries have similar literature foundation. I know from the ancient time Chinese have 7-7-7-7 with some vowel relation from the last word of the 1st sentence and the 5th word of the 2nd etc. They also have the variation with 8 sentences (don’t know if I make it correct), that break into two paragraphs, with the similar rules about the vowel. In Vietnam (where I’m from), we have the 6-8 system, and four sentences make a paragraph. This type of poem can goes very long. There are one other type which is known as moral lesson, which comprise from two sentence with the 6-8 rule.

    Heh, just feel interesting so I give some info about this. Time to think about the senryuu. 😛

  9. Busterbeam says:

    Of all things on Earth
    Plastic robots entrenched
    Themselves in my heart.

  10. MilkyToast says:

    Red Slurpee is quick
    Three times faster than the rest
    Newtypes get brainfreeze

  11. Tom says:

    Wish I wasn’t sick
    I want to work on Gunpla
    But I have to sleep

  12. Dangit says:

    My skin coated with
    thick consistency and
    scratched with desert paper.

  13. Dangit says:

    Taking life by heart
    I bravely step into the
    Nu Gundam Planet.

  14. A big bug swatter
    And that shi… ALL GLORY TO

  15. Jamz says:

    lets give this a shot…
    *wanting to win that,
    that green and orange model,
    I shall never get* -.-;;;

    a shamless plug for my job…
    **Banking can be all,
    all the more convenient with,
    The best Bank, Suntrust** =P

    and a final one…
    ***exacto just used,
    spilled red paint or is it paint?
    no wait…that is blood*** D:

  16. To win this Seven
    Eleven Gundam, it be
    Seventh Heaven.

    (I don’t know if this is right, I never took a proper English grammar class, so the syllables may be split differently 😛 )

  17. Work it harder, make
    it better, do it faster
    make us more Gunpla.

  18. syd says:

    Great entries so far guys! I be pleased.

  19. BAP says:

    I’m not good at this
    why do I bother to try
    Gundam love that’s why

  20. Dangit says:

    Gackt likes gunpla
    He does an impression that
    even I’m suprised.

  21. Hypnos says:

    With same joy as the first build
    I pick up my nippers to work.
    Gunpla, much more than a hobby.

  22. Dangit says:

    Syd builds a perfect
    grade three times faster than
    a normal person

  23. TimberNewtype says:

    Sprues, runners and gates
    Parts trimmed, time to assemble
    Plastic work of art

  24. Dennis says:

    Too many sprues be
    in a Perfect Grade kit
    I must be nuts

  25. Dennis says:

    You must be careful
    Parts can go flying off
    never to be found

  26. Dennis says:

    Days spent building Gunpla
    Child get hold of it
    losing parts, never found

  27. Paulo951 says:

    Mindset gone blank why
    Limited Gundam in mind
    Better than Bearguy.

  28. Gamedingo says:

    College is spendy
    Food takes all of my money
    No cash for Gunpla

  29. Nyasatman says:

    Here comes another package,
    All filled with gunpla love.
    If only I had the time,
    To build it all.
    Without having to worry,
    If I needed to work.
    Sadly,work feeds my gunpla.

  30. Dangit says:

    Do my eyes deceive
    me? I must split these pieces
    and start all over.

  31. Sherwin Sy says:

    Curious of contest
    Sneaks a peek at my entries
    My wife whacks my head.

  32. Colin says:

    A trip to Japan
    Autumn in a foreign land
    Much Gunpla to buy

  33. Joe says:

    Spring Time is the best
    for spray paint – bare plastic bad
    for ultimate look

    (In English haiku, a “cutting word” can be shown by a separation of thought by a hyphen or ellipses. I also have referenced a season :-P)

    My closet so full
    drowning in backlog – OH MY!
    One Hundred twelve kits!

    Marker is easy
    lining looks best when washed on
    add depth and shadow

    Perfect, Master, High
    Which grade is best? You decide!
    All Gunpla is good

    My first kit built bad
    Skills have grown by leaps and bounds
    Become a Master

  34. Joe says:

    I hope you can tell where those separate…

  35. Joe says:

    Seasons of wither
    so cold, locked inside all day
    Can’t go out – Gunpla!

  36. Sabekio says:

    Is the prize that one?
    The one depicted right there?
    Or can I choose one?

    That’s a Senryuu btw

  37. Fireblade says:

    One sure way to drive
    you crazy is to snip off
    the parts, THEN you start.

  38. Fireblade says:

    The worst thing that could
    happen to ones pride and joy,
    It falls off the shelf.

  39. Mr D says:

    I am but so glad
    That nothing else in life has
    So many markings

  40. Mr D says:

    Furu plamo ya
    otoko tobikomu
    Gundam no oto

    (All apologies to Matsuo Basho for butchering his poem)

  41. Felix says:

    Syd is a master
    Like him I will build Gunpla
    Following this site


    Because i will win
    From Japan to Mexico
    This Gundam will go


    Do not keep trying
    This seven/eleven kit
    I will build at home


    This kit is awesome
    But as always Ryan says
    Syd, can he transform?

  42. hiroy_raind says:

    I’m pretty sure most of mine wouldn’t count as senryuu, but I’ll post ’em anyway since I thought they’re interesting (call me biased haha).
    Abundance in GM variances
    yet there is no sign
    of the popular GM Sniper II.
    New GM kits are celebrated
    but why is their build design is as old
    as their 5 year-old predecessors?.
    Cthwack, the sound of cutting a part from the runner
    Cthwack, the sound of putting a part together
    Cthwack, the sound of accidentally breaking a part.
    Plastics cannot rot
    therefore our works
    is eternal.
    Jesta fascinates
    so when can we see
    the more fascinating Jesta Cannon?
    When Master gundam’s
    wings are in normal mode,
    he looked like a red sandwich.
    G Gundam kit are plentiful
    now can we have
    Double X?
    Alternate universes in HG
    all we need to complete them
    is HGCC (Turn A)

  43. Sabekio says:

    No paint is required
    However, it will look nice
    If done correctly

  44. Dangit says:

    Looking at Real Grades,
    “You have flexible inner
    frame, do you transform?”

  45. Looking up at you,
    It’s all battered and scratched up.
    Gundam still looks cool.

  46. Sherwin Sy says:

    Buy Gunpla on sale
    Save on this costly hobby
    Need new closet though.

  47. Sherwin Sy says:

    Middle of Nowhere
    With a Hobby from Japan
    Augh, my shipping costs…

  48. fury-s12 says:

    My first entry just came to me

    freedom wing astray
    which perfect grade do i want
    the choice is very hard

  49. Sherwin Sy says:

    Building Blue Astray,
    Past Midnight, wondering why
    There are blood red parts.

  50. Sherwin Sy says:

    For those who have kids & Gunpla…

    Irony is to
    have your Pride & Joy smash your
    Joy & Pride to bits.

  51. Sherwin Sy says:

    Sometimes I wish I’d
    get sick so I can work on
    my stupid backlog…

  52. Joshua Toloza says:

    Seven Eleven
    Gundam Looks Very Sexy
    Masterbation Time

  53. Joshua Toloza says:

    incase my other one did not make it through moderation….

    Seven Eleven
    Gundam Looks very sexy
    I just jizzed my pants

  54. Joshua Toloza says:

    Gundam is my life
    Gundam can not be my wife
    Forever alone

  55. Joshua Toloza says:

    i hold two sabers
    in my hands but this gundam
    makes my third larger

  56. Joshua Toloza says:

    this gundam right here,
    makes my third saber down there,
    shoot like GENESIS

    (GENESIS is the BIG HUMONGOUS BEAM from the series “Gundam Seed” fired by ZAFT to kill a whole space fleet of Naturals at the end of the series incase you dont know)

  57. Joshua Toloza says:

    my model kit down
    there went from no-grade to a
    perfect-grade cause this

  58. Joshua Toloza says:

    Before you read this senryuu.. (TRANS-AM) is from the *Gundam 00* series where a gundam basically turns super saiyan and releases *GN Particles* (sparkly white particles) into the areas around them in order to enhance the mobility and movement of a Gundam/Mobile Suit.

    seeing this model
    made my small gundam down there
    TRANS-AM too quickly

  59. Joshua Toloza says:

    i build, reluctant
    too focused on building it
    but i need to pee

  60. Asterisk says:

    Factory rollout;
    Too scared to try weathering.
    The all look unused.

  61. Butagami says:

    Here’s mine

    ordering Gunpla
    Waiting for weeks for a kit
    totally worth it

  62. Dennis says:

    I sit here staring
    at the Seven Sword’s Instructions
    Oh, lots sharp things

  63. Dennis says:

    Why can’t the weather
    cooperate for just one week
    so I can paint

  64. Dennis says:

    Instructions on the table
    Parts are here and there
    Long nights spent building

  65. MilkyToast says:

    Red, green, orange, white?
    A mysterious new suit!
    That’s no Zaku, boy!

  66. Joshua Toloza says:

    girl walks up to me
    and says hi,my mind says “Whoa…
    …gunDAM!!! YOU FINE!”

    • Joshua Toloza says:

      last line only has 4 syllables but i read u can have 17 or fewer xP,,, but just incase to hit that five
      “gunDAMM girl!!! YOU FINE!”

  67. sonar says:

    hahaha! There’s some great reading in there. Very clever GgG!

  68. Joshua Toloza says:

    I build my gundam
    i need to take a crap now…
    dang it, its to late

  69. Joshua Toloza says:

    I build my gundam
    I cant find the gundam’s Face…

  70. Joshua Toloza says:

    incase the above doesnt make it…..
    I build my Gundam
    I cant find the Gundam’s Face….
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?!??!!??!

  71. Joshua Toloza says:

    My Gundam screamed out
    OH sh**!! WAAA DAA FUHHH!?!*

  72. Dangit says:

    Gaijin Gunpla dot
    com is the best… wait notice
    lower corner face?

  73. XZF says:

    This is just so great!
    A cool Gundam from Seven
    Eleven, oh yeah!

  74. Joshua Toloza says:

    Gundams for building,
    Gundams for the rest of life,
    Gundams Forever

  75. Dangit says:

    I’m the Alpha and
    Omega, Beginning and
    Forever Gundam

  76. Trevor says:

    It’s not the best but, here we go….

    “September leaves fall,

    School grades will also fall but,

    Gunpla price no fall.” 🙁

    Obviously that’s a lie because most gunpla are 20% off at hlj! 😀

  77. syd says:

    81 Comments so far on this post! I am overwhelmed by the response and, I must admit truthfully, am really impressed. I didn’t know if people would show much interest in the contest if they had to come up with a Senryuu but, wow!

  78. A scream heard
    By some Zeon pilot

  79. How many chars can
    Char char as charred as a
    char can be charred?

  80. Joshua Toloza says:

    whats up girl, You’re cute.
    Mind if i plant some gundam
    seeds in your tummy?

  81. Joshua Toloza says:

    I bring Infinite
    Justice when I Strike Freedom.
    Its my Destiny.

    (name of my favorite gundams from “Gundam Seed: Destiny ” Series

  82. Joshua Toloza says:

    My Girlfriend is Mad
    I protect my Gundams more
    than i protect her.

  83. Joshua Toloza says:

    Girlfriend gets hit…..”eh”
    Gundams get hit….”WHAT THE FUCK!!!!”
    um….should i feel bad?

    • syd says:

      Let’s try to keep swearing to a minimum.

      • Joshua Toloza says:

        oh darn =.= does that mean half my senryus are gonna be disqualified for the contest? or should i just make a PG version of all of them by replying to all of em?

  84. Joshua Toloza says:

    “oOo! Look at the toys!”
    (-.-)…. THEY ARE MODELS FOR F**K SAKE! >=o

  85. Dangit says:

    When I built my first
    gunpla, I did it WITH THE

  86. aprilius20 says:

    I’ve done essays in Japanese, but never poetry- thanks for the inspiration (scratch that, incentive really), hehe. Here goes:


    which translates to ‘Anno Domini, Amuro, now in the private sector?!’ and


    ‘Amuro, searching for Char. Char works for Family Mart.’ Perhaps a little lame- making use of one of 7-11’s major rivals in Japan, as well as Char’s grudge against the Zabi family. Next is:


    ‘Gundam, used for advertising?! You are, not a Gundam!’ For the ‘lulz’, as they say. I don’t think a certain Gundam Meister would be amused at the thought of a Gundam being used to advertise a convenience store:)

    Well, that was fun. I’ll be back with more if I can think of anything:)

  87. MilkyToast says:

    Haro throws a fit.
    He always rolls when he sits.
    Blames Sunrise for this.

  88. Dangit says:

    Why does Gundam age?
    Are the gundams astray? It’s
    like a unicorn!

  89. XZF says:

    Thank you very much
    for the Seven Eleven
    Gundam giveaway 😀

  90. syd says:

    Hi Joshua,

    You don’t need to change them. I won’t disqualify them.

  91. Joshua Toloza says:

    Nice ! Thanks for giving me a warning first , ill make sure my stuffs in check now lol

  92. Joshua Toloza says:

    Gundam,you’re sexy
    Gundam, you’re Fine. Marry me?
    Please? Will you be mine?

    (Gundam or GunDAM ;] Eitheer way)

  93. Trevor says:

    holy spam, batman! josh is on a roll 🙂

  94. Dangit says:

    Setsuna left Earth,
    Amuro Ray is gone.
    Why do great men leave?

  95. Arshen says:

    On my first Gunpla
    I knew not of nubs and stuff
    It didn’t look good.

    But then I was young
    When I was once a novice
    I did not know then

    We did not buy them
    Over on the internet
    We then had a store

    They were once at a
    Walmart only Gundam Wing
    Was available

    Everyone liked G Gundam
    Which had no Gunpla

    People then stuck to
    Action Figures, not Gunpla
    Soon I would follow

    Later in my life
    I rediscovered Gunpla
    And Gundam as well

    It has become a
    Hobby of mine to create
    And customize them

    I am not far yet
    But I am taking small steps
    To master Gunpla

  96. Jack says:

    Amuro and Char,
    Were they friends or enemies?
    We may never know.

    Only one can win,
    that marvelous Gundam prize.
    Who is that person?

    Seven Eleven,
    Arms Gundam with a large sign.
    All foes are scared now!

    Running very fast,
    Enemies flee from Gundam,
    For he has sign saber!

    Must make Senryuu!
    Only way to win Gundam.
    Continue I must.

    Green and Red Gundam?
    Seems like a Christmas Gundam.
    Gundam is an elf?

    • Jack says:

      Amuro and Char,
      Were they friends or enemies?
      We may never know.
      Only one can win,
      that marvelous Gundam prize.
      Who is that person?
      Seven Eleven,
      Arms Gundam with a large sign.
      All foes are scared now!
      Running very fast,
      Enemies flee from Gundam,
      For he has sign saber!
      Must make Senryuu!
      Only way to win Gundam.
      Continue I must.
      Green and Red Gundam?
      Seems like a Christmas Gundam.
      Gundam is an elf?

  97. Dangit says:

    Everyone’s entry
    For this sweet contest, Syd will
    look forward to read.

  98. Joshua Toloza says:

    You’re addicted to
    Gunpla when you want to paint
    and panel line Cars

  99. Jake Wilson says:

    slurpie on desk
    many knives paints and gunpla
    my life complete

  100. EUBE325 says:

    As the seasons go
    New kits come as the leaves fall
    And my wallet cries

  101. Joakim Manelinho says:

    Too many gunpla
    Waiting to be worked on
    Enter for contest

  102. jiminboo says:

    Perfect Grades are cool
    Look at the size of this thing!
    Ha! That’s what she said! ^_^

  103. D3Z says:

    Here’s a first try!!!!!

    Why do i bother?
    I am not a good writer.
    I am a gundam.

    I’m not good at this.
    But to win Gundam I must.
    Pizza Gundam wins.

    Gunpla by Bandai
    Steals cash from my wallet.
    I am very broke.

    I have writer’s block.
    Watching too much G Gundam.

    Gundam Giveaway?
    Must be too good to be true.
    Damnit, writer’s block.


  104. Trevor says:

    Gundam Give-away
    it was too good to be true,
    so I want to win too!

  105. Dangit says:

    Bandai is clever
    by using basic colors
    requiring paint…

  106. Dangit says:

    Oh, expecting the
    Gerbera Tetra this year?
    Sorry, wait next year!

  107. J says:

    Buying Gunpla is
    Like crack, withdrawal if
    You don’t build often!
    A new AGE is here!
    Bandai take my money now!
    Oh, my poor wallet…
    What Gundam is best?
    Does it matter? We all should
    respect and enjoy!

  108. Dangit says:

    Gundam, you see, is
    awesome. But if you plant a
    seed, it is Z-best!

  109. Spender99 says:

    The joy of Gundam,
    is my creative release.
    Each build is pure bliss.

  110. Dangit says:

    Spanning over three
    generations, the Haro
    permeates my luv!

  111. Joe says:

    I would transform with
    My flexible inner frame
    If I win Gunpla.

  112. Joakim Manelinho says:

    Hobby Link contest
    Won three Epyon posters
    Now for real Gundam

  113. Joakim Manelinho says:

    Misspelled my name once
    Now, just don’t do it again!
    Or feel the Gundam

  114. Dangit says:

    Gunpla is like fruit.
    It is yummy until it’s
    done or you get more.

  115. XZF says:

    For every gunpla
    is special to those who give
    their all to make it.


  116. kingL says:

    Hobby Link Japan
    Is the reason why I see
    My future Gundams

  117. BaLi says:

    Flying in the sky
    I see the gundam is mine
    It’s my destiny.

  118. BaLi says:

    Faster than the wind,
    They fly so high, rise and fight.
    Metallic Saviors.

  119. kingL says:

    Markers and Nippers
    Side cutters and Model kits
    Where Gunpla Happens

  120. BAP says:

    Big Gulps, Slurpees, and Gundam
    this place is da bomb

  121. Dangit says:

    If we already
    have a 1/1 gundam,
    shouldnt we make more?

  122. Joshua Toloza says:

    Gundams are like Hoes.
    The Good ones are expensive.
    The bad ones are cheap.

  123. Joshua Toloza says:

    Gundams are like sex
    It pleasures the mind but when
    you’re done, you want more.

  124. Dangit says:

    It is hard to come
    up with a senryuu when
    thinking of gunpla

  125. Pluto says:

    I have a few here
    I hope you enjoy them much
    Yay Gaijin, here’s more
    Winter has gunpla
    Finally, Epyon is mine!
    Shining Gundam rocks!
    The Spring brings boredom
    Shall I Get the PG Strike?
    That would fill my time.
    Summer brings kit bashing
    Acguy plus exia, hmm
    This will be funny
    Fall brings the new kits
    Seriously! when does the
    heavy arms come out!
    That is all of them
    But since when does a seven
    eleven sell kits?

  126. Joakim Manelinho says:

    Start building Gundam
    Cut too deep into plastic
    Cruel cruel world

  127. Joakim Manelinho says:

    The Winter shall come
    New Gundam kits for Christmas
    They will keep me warm

  128. Joakim Manelinho says:

    Showing my Gundams
    Friends asking if I sell them
    Friendship is now lost

  129. Joakim Manelinho says:

    Building my Gundams
    Listening to jazz records
    Means cool evening

    (a little “joke” for the jazz fans xD, pretty lame tough)

  130. Joakim Manelinho says:

    Start young with Legos
    Mature into Gundam kits
    That’s evolution

  131. Paulo951 says:

    Great Gunpla is born
    with the intention to awe
    and inspire others

  132. Dangit says:

    Life is fleeting, so
    make the most of it making
    gunpla for long time.

  133. Nyasatman says:

    Gundams,oh Gundams,
    Hard to choose,
    The Perfect Gunpla.

  134. Dangit says:

    “Gaijin Gunpla – A
    foreigner in over his
    head” in Gunpla world!

  135. Felix says:

    No matter what grade
    It´s your choice for Gunpla, you
    Will have a nice day
    If you want to paint
    and not damage your project
    you must beat the rain
    A lot to do you
    Will have if in just a day
    You build Perfect Grade

  136. Sabekio says:

    seven eleven
    bandai gundam model kit
    likes to drink slurpees?

    everyone’s entry
    too good to overcome like
    pg strike freedom

  137. Joakim Manelinho says:

    Seven Eleven
    Convenience store for your drinks
    Don’t forget Gundam.

  138. Trevor says:

    i really doubt that
    my senryuu’s are enough,
    to win that gundam.

  139. Dangit says:

    Life is like a box
    of chocolates, you never
    know what you get.

    Even though it is
    not gundam-related, I
    wanted to say it.

  140. Dangit says:

    RE: Post

    Life is like a box
    of chocolates, you never
    know what you get.

    Even though it is
    not gundam-related, I
    wanted to say it.

  141. Dangit says:

    RE:RE: Post
    Life is like a box
    of chocolates, you never
    know what you get.
    Even though it is
    not gundam-related, I
    wanted to say it.

  142. Joakim Manelinho says:

    Bottled Tamiya glue
    Is perfect for your Gundams
    But stinks your whole house

  143. Joakim Manelinho says:

    One full week to go
    Many more entries will come
    From the same people

  144. Dangit says:

    Somebody gave us
    two hands, one for gunpla, and
    the other for more.

  145. Joakim Manelinho says:

    I heard a strange voice
    Yelling in the evening
    Gundam for the win!

  146. Joakim Manelinho says:

    The zombies outside
    Will meet the greatest weapon
    All mighty Gundam!

  147. Dangit says:

    For once, I would like
    to see a grunt mobile
    suit not detonate.

  148. Hypnos says:

    The order was sent
    The shipping is on the way
    waiting for them feels like an eternity!

  149. Dangit says:

    Its a desperate
    situation, that a lot
    of people want “it.”

  150. Joakim Manelinho says:

    It isn’t just “it”
    “It” is the hearth and soul of
    Seven Eleven

  151. Joakim Manelinho says:

    “It” isn’t a kit
    “It” is so much more than that
    “It” is a Gundam!

  152. Dangit says:

    A Gundam is not
    only powered by machine,
    but the pilot’s soul.

  153. Dangit says:

    Combining bears and
    the Acguy, Gundam just got
    one with nature. YEAH!!

  154. Dangit says:

    Gundam is awesome.
    So awesome, my brain explodes.
    So, how do I write?

  155. Dangit says:

    Gundam can help save
    fuel. It doesn’t run on gas.
    It’s clean energy!

  156. MilkyToast says:

    Full Frontal has come!
    Sinaju ready for launch.
    Yep, he is a Char.

  157. Dennis says:

    Snippers in my hand
    Frames in front of me
    Ready to build Gunpla

  158. Dennis says:

    Gunpla to the Left
    Gunpla more to the Right
    Too many to count

  159. Dennis says:

    I am Gunpla crazy
    Zaku fever has struck me
    Cure is more Zakus

  160. Dennis says:

    Up well past midnight
    Drant my tenth Mountain Dew
    Must complete this kit

  161. Dennis says:

    Your too into Gunpla
    If you ask your wife
    To Dress like Sumeragi

  162. Joe says:

    Girls Generation:
    If they would cosplay Gundams
    Well, I would build that!

  163. Dangit says:

    Gundams come in all
    different sizes. Bandai
    should make a box one.

  164. Trevor says:

    My senryuu’s are
    Not the best, but i am still
    Gonna try and win!

  165. Trevor says:

    I dont have that much
    Gundams, but I’m still gonna
    win this special one!

  166. Evan says:

    Hey Bandai how about
    we get some nice Master Grade
    Double 0 gunpla?
    Really not interested in the contest, but want some 00 MG love!

  167. Joshua Toloza says:

    Halloween is here
    Hoping to see some sexy
    Flay / Lacus Cosplays ;D

  168. Dangit says:

    Gundams should unite
    with Dinosaurs and Sharks to
    do laser parties!

  169. XZF says:

    Sharing the joy of
    Gunpla is one of the best
    things builders can do 😀

  170. Dangit says:

    Any Gundam, built by
    yourself, is always a work
    of art. Don’t forget.

  171. SavviMaple says:

    The shop was small,
    with such small frail hands,
    I picked up Gunpla.

    Eyes studied the box,
    “What is this?” I ask.
    The artwork is “すばらしい~”

    I immediately brought it,
    got back to the hotel
    and built the kit.

    And that story is
    the first Gunpla I owned,

  172. Dangit says:

    It’s Christmas. There’s a
    present. You think it’s Gunpla.
    It was actually…

  173. Dangit says:

    Well it was been fun,
    but all great gunpla contests
    come to an end. Bang.

  174. Joshua Toloza says:

    Gundam is orange…
    Gundam is green…rare, it is!
    Like stains in panties!

  175. Sherwin Sy says:

    Thanks to everyone
    Thanks to Sir Syd and Gunpla
    Thanks to my wife, yikes… :p

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