Gaijin Gunpla

With the suit more or less completed it was time to hit the Skygrasper + Aile Striker.

The first step was to build the cockpit.

Again I used the clear pilots. They do look a little strange.

With the Skygrasper I need include the clear armor in the build as there really isn’t much frame.

The canopy kind of loses its effect when the entire unit is clear.

From there I moved onto the main body of the Skygrasper.

Once the frame of that is built the different colored armor is applied.

And then some blue!

And next came the wings.

x 2


I decided to build the stand as well to see what the Skygrasper looks like mounted. (giggity)

All that was left to do was assemble the Aile Striker pack, starting with the main section.

And then the wings.

The design is well done in that the grooves lock into place securing the wings in position

Next came a difficult section.

The manual does not indicate what order used to assemble this section. As such I tried putting the orange parts on last but the fit wouldn’t work. I had to disassemble what I had done and put the orange parts on before putting on the other frame pieces. It took me cracking one of the orange parts to discover this.

Next was a couple of these.

Then the section which will allow the Aile Strike to attach to the suit itself.

Add some armor to that section.

Beam saber handles?

Throw that all together.


But I gotta try it on the Strike.

What a long day.

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  1. Paulo951 says:

    Are you planning on painting the inner frame of this guy?? going to town on the detail 😛 ?

  2. mykman83 says:

    awesome!!! syd,,, always watched ur gunpla episodes…. strike go!

  3. Dennis says:

    THANK SYD, now I want thi kit too. Maybe I should just hand my bank account to HLJ… LOL

  4. Fadhlan says:

    Is that all? It’s look like just a skeleton! But, why the price is too high. I can build that skeleton with a regular Alie Strike

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