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Today’s the day. I am announcing the winners of The Contest that was started back on September 30th. First of all I must say how overwhelmed I am at the response to this very unique contest. When I was deciding on what type of contest to run, I told my friend my intentions and he asked me if I thought enough people would be interested in submitting a Senryu as it is something quite different from regular gundam contests. I felt that I would get a reasonable amount of entries but never expected the volume of responses that I have recieved (186 comments on that post so far, many containing multiple entries. Amazing!) It was because of the huge response of quality entries that I felt a little bad about limiting the prize to only one person, so I decided I would expand the contest so other quality entries could get something. So let me show what the prizes are now.

The first prize is still the 限定 7-11 RX-78-2 Gundam but I am also giving away two 1/144 HGUC RMS-179 GM II! I would have liked to get my hands on more limited edition kits for prizes but that wasn’t possible so I grabbed the newest HG as it hit the shelves thinking that a brand new kit was a good enough prize for the two runners up.

Before I announce the results I will take this opportunity to inform everyone how the handling of prizes will go down. I will contact the winners through the email address that they included in their comment. I will mail it to them, probably by SAL or EMS depending on cost, but I won’t be mailing anything until after the 15th of November (gotta wait until after payday).

As with anything objective the results of the contest are based on my opinions on what makes a good Sennryuu. If anyone objects to the results, leave a comment but include the Sennryuu you think should have won. Don’t playa hate, participate!

I’ll announce the grand prize last. First I want to share some Honourable Mentions. These are Sennryuu that didn’t win any prizes but I thought were good all the same.

I’m not good at this.
why do I bother to try?
Gundam love, that’s why.

submitted by BAP.

In every gunpla
there is always something wrong
and it’s bandai’s fault.

submitted by Fireblade.

My closet so full
drowning in backlog – OH MY!
One Hundred twelve kits!

submitted by Joe. Good use of a cutting word!

I am but so glad
That nothing else in life has
So many markings

submitted by Mr. D. No kidding!

Up well past midnight
Drank my tenth Mountain Dew
Must complete this kit.

submitted by Dennis. I know this feeling well.

September leaves fall,
School grades will also fall but,
Gunpla price no fall

submitted by Trevor. Ha! Gundam Price! Y U no Fall?!


submitted by aprilius20. In Japanese, even. Awesome. I wonder if I could do a Gundam Sennryuu in Japanese.


(I guess not)

Perfect Grades are cool
Look at the size of this thing!
Ha! That’s what she said! ^_^

submitted by Jiminboo. Awesome!

Big Gulps, Slurpees, and Gundam
this place is da bomb

submitted by BAP. Regrettably, there are no Big Gulps or Slurpees in the 7-11s in Japan. The first day in this strange country I saw a 7-11 and felt relieved. ‘A taste of home’, I thought. I went in hoping to buy a slurpee. Instead they had Oden. Bleh!

Start young with Legos
Mature into Gundam kits
That’s evolution

submitted by Joakim Manelinho. (Did I pronounce that correctly? 😉 ) This is true. I started building very young with Lego. At one point I won a Lego building competition at the local fair. I feel like a hick just writing that.

Looking up at you,
It’s all battered and scratched up.
Gundam still looks cool.

submitted by Lily Of The Sword. This is true, too. Beat up the kit and it still looks great. Speaking of great, check out Lily Of the Sword’s site. There is some stellar site there. I am contemplating inquiring about a custom mascot type artwork. heh.

Ordering Gunpla
Waiting for weeks for a kit
totally worth it.

submitted by Butagami. Gunpla. Totally worth it.

I bring Infinite
Justice when I Strike Freedom.
It’s my Destiny.

submitted by Joshua Toloza. This was the truest Gundam related submission. A suit named in every line. Nice.

Runners Up and winners of an HGUC GM II Git.

I liked these two submissions because of how the writing not only used the 5-7-5 form but also read poetically.

Sprues, runners, and gates
Parts trimmed, time to assemble
Plastic work of art.

submitted by TimerNewtype. I think this really sums up Gunpla. You start at the beginning with a pile of plastic and proceed to assemble something that is much more and even could be a masterpiece. It’s a good piece of writing in that it never directly mentions what the subject is but alludes to it enough that we all know.

Of all things on Earth
Plastic robots entrenched
Themselves in my heart.

submitted by Busterbeam. This speaks about how deceivingly seductive this hobby can be. I mean, they’re just model kits, right? No. There’s more to it than that. If it was a case of just being a toy, I imagine sites such as mine wouldn’t exist and the communities this hobby encourages would also never come to be.

Grand Prize Winner

And now, the announcement you’ve all been waiting for. The Winner of the first ever contest here at and the 7-11 Gundam…

When buying Gunpla
Receipt must be kept hidden
from wife with temper.

submitted by Sherwin Sy.

I laughed out loud when I read this one. I thought this one was the best one because of not only how it read but the hint at danger/humour it has that I feel is often found in the better Sennryuu. Actually Mr. Sherwin Sy entered a few submissions that could all be worthy of honourable mention, such as:

Curious of contest
Sneaks a peek at my entries
My wife whacks my head.

It’s the last line that is most important, the one that makes the entire thing and completes the Sennryuu. I think Mr. Sherwin Sy made excellent use of it.

Congratulations to the winners and again a big thank you to all who participated. It was more successful than I could have imagined.

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    lol i actually won something? some of those sennryuu were really really good! it must have been a tough choice and process! im honoured to be in the company of such distinguished wordsmiths.

  2. aprilius20 says:

    Hehe, honorable mention? Thanks!
    …And poor Sherwin. Now his wife is really gonna whack him:)

  3. Sherwin Sy says:

    Oh my… I… I never thought I’d actually win… It has been an honor, everyone… I really didn’t think I would win in the company of the World’s Finest Gunpla Wordsmiths. 🙂 Sir Syd, thanks for hosting such a fun contest. 🙂

  4. Fury-s12 says:

    Congrats to the winners lucky sobs :p, also lol at the irony of sherwin now getting a free kit that (hopefully) his wife won’t get mad about

  5. Paulo951 says:

    Congratulations to the winners & runners up – some really good Sennryuu’s, and a thanks to Syd for having the contest. It was good fun! 🙂

  6. Dennis says:

    Thanks for the honorable mention, maybe I should be a Gundam Poet. LOL Congrats to the winners.

  7. TimberNewtype says:

    To Syd, I say thanks!
    Also, my wife says “Thank you…
    …cuz it saves us cash.”

  8. Hypnos says:

    Congratulations to all the winners ! 😀

  9. Joakim Manelinho says:

    It was a really unique and differente contest, and that’s what made it so fun. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Syd for hosting this competition. Hoping for mroe in the future 😉

  10. Too bad mine didn’t even get a mention, but I lost honorably, these are all killer senryu. Congrats to the winners.

  11. Trevor says:

    CONGRATS SHERWIN! So how are the winners of the gm II’s going to be determined?

  12. Fireblade says:

    Wow. my first post here and i get an honorable mention?! Maybe i should post more often.

  13. Butagami says:

    Ha, nice, honorable mention! Gonna put that on my CV for sure 😛
    “Weeks” turned out to be only 2 and a half 😛

  14. Sonar says:

    I always think about this list when I hear about Senryuu and Haiku. You might get a kick outta some of these Syd:

  15. Sonar says:

    🙂 I particularly like the winner. Hope it never happens to me!

  16. SavviMaple says:

    Congratulations to the winners! 🙂
    I went off on Holiday to Hong Kong so I couldn’t check for 10 days.

    Came back and only just remembered to check Syd’s blog! XP

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