Gaijin Gunpla

No, this guy didn’t get forgotten.  His original post did get pushed off the main page by some exciting 限定 and some PG goodness but that doesn’t mean Master Gundam won’t get his due. So where were we?

Oh ya!  I did build the feet so next up is the legs.

Here’s the hip joint.

The two polycaps used here should translate to some nice hip articulation.

Next is the knee joint.

Lower leg features some smooth armor.

When it comes to panel lines, sometimes less is more!

Slap on some of the darker armor pieces.

These pieces slide on from the top.

Giving you this.

Put these three sections together and you’ve got yourself a pair of Master legs.

The skirt also has some larger smooth armor pieces but they don’t hinder the hip movement much.

Add to that this little backpack.

Allow me to introduce…

But that’s only half the fun. Master Gundam likes to hit the town wearing his.. um.. what is this exactly? A cape?

Anyways, it starts like this.

Throw on some blue armor pieces.


Attach to the backpack you just assembled.

They are a little heavy and it can take some work to pose Master Gundam but it definitely looks cool once you succeed. When I saw this photo I thought ‘What if I replaced Master’s wings with those from HG Sinanju?’. I am still thinking that.

I am guessing these wings are supposed to unfold to make his cape but, this being an HG kit, that isn’t possible. Instead there’s some part swapping involved.

First you assemble both the front (on the left) and rear (on the right) sections of the cape.

Put the back section into place then carefully turn Master over.

Line up the front section and slide it into place.

Next you put on a separate section for the right side.

And here he is.

In the next Master post I’ll show you the horse and a little surprise. (Well, it definitely was a surprising experience for me.)

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