Gaijin Gunpla

Having completed the Gundam I moved onto the next step. No, not weapons. A horse. Ya, you read that correctly. A horse. This big human-piloted, mobile fighting suit rides a giant horse. How does this make sense?

I’m not going to question this idea any further. Sure it seems somewhat absurd, but it does mean that Bandai gives you more plastic to play with, starting with…

The head.

The last two pieces for the head, which go on either side, are used to hold the plastic tubing they give you for reins in place. You can choose to leave the tubing off if you don’t want the horse reined in.

From there you move to the body.

Here’s half the body with the tail in place.

Next you insert the pieces which will be used to attach to the legs.

From there…


.. wait a minute…


It appears someone grabbed my camera when I went off to the bathroom.

It’s in focus. Good job!

Okay, point that thing over here.

Too close.

Not bad, but the lighting is off.

That’s better.

Okay, with the leg attachments in place you close up the body.

Put on that head you assembled before and make that little stand.

This thing needs some legs.

Here is one of the forelegs. You can see it is a ball and socket type of connection. This should allow the fore leg to move. Should.

Here’s one of the rear legs. You can see the connection is a square which means these rear legs ain’t moving.

With the legs assembled I attached them to the body and completed Master Gundam’s trusty seed. (I am assuming here that Master Gundam trusts him.)

In all the pictures I’ve seen of this kit the horse is always rearing back as if to charge forward. I wanted to adjust the legs to see if I could make him stand on all fours. The rear legs don’t move so all I could do was move the front legs. Being a ball and socket joint these should move easily. Should.

Yup. That’s what happened. The weak part of the plastic snapped and now my horse has a busted leg.

Off to the glue factory.

All kidding aside, this really pissed me off. Seriously? You make a ball and socket joint but it doesn’t function properly and now I’ve got a busted part? Dammit! At this time I simply put all the pieces and Master Gundam back in its box and picked up a book and started reading. Not being too interested in the horse to begin with it’s not a big loss, but c’mon.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Ouch, that sucks. A modification that I would try would be sanding down the ball a little and then use a sort of wax to cushion the joint.

  2. MilkyToast says:

    That is a major bummer, the horse was my primary reason to get this kit. Jeff already mentioned sanding and lubing the ball, but I wonder if there is a way to re-enfoce the cross part of the peg… putty?

  3. hiroy_raind says:

    Ouch, same thing happened to me.

    Sanding the ball a bit actually made the joint pretty smooth, and still be able to hold standing on its own with the Master Gundam sitting on top.
    Couldn’t really put a “normal” standing pose with that fixed hind legs though.

  4. CKai Cydek says:

    Fuunsaiki was designed to hold its MS rider and strike one pose, with very little room for variation. On Bandai’s part, this was a wasted opportunity for a great, posable horse figure, but I can understand why they may have made it the way it is – its legs need to stay steady along with the little stand in order to hold its dramatic pose. Everything else is secondary. Fuunsaiki is quite literally, a one-trick pony 🙁

  5. worldshaking0502 says:

    Mine broke too.

  6. Neon Wave says:

    Seeing that made me remember when my SD Neue Ziel, Gundam Mk II, Hyperion Gundam, Providence Gundam, Gundam Exia and Wing Gundam kits broke. Yes…… They all broke T_T I’m not happy about it myself.

  7. Jeff says:

    I’d hate to see how well the Hongli version holds up after seeing these responses.

  8. Passingby says:

    “A horse, a horse! MY Gunpla for a horse!” – Richard III

  9. ClayCannonII says:

    I wonder if it could have held the HGUC God Gundam?

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