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I’m back doing what I enjoy most; Master Grade kits (although Perfect Grades have really impressed me and I am itching to do more of those as well.) As mentioned in a previous post I’ve been inspired to work on the MG Crossbone X-1 Ver. Ka, and while I don’t have a clear idea of what colors are going to be used I do have an idea of what modifications are going to be done. But first I gotta build the suit.

Hey, check this out.


And this thing!

(Actually, I’m not terribly excited about either of those things but they were in the box so I wanted to show them.)

Crossbone X-1 starts with the torso so that’s what I am going to show first as well.

Here is how the build begins. A frame, a polycap, and two joints.

The armor goes on pretty much right away, sandwiching the frame from front and back.

But check out this little piece.

It fits into the front frame from the inside forming a little hatch with the white pieces on either side also opening and closing. Two hatches on a hatch?

Hatch open! (little hatches closed!)

Now I have to make a choice.

Do I go with the skull and crossbones on my Crossbone or do I go with the featureless pieces.

I went with the featureless pieces in case I want to do some mods or customs decal work.

Add the neck frame piece and the lower torso armor and the torso is done.

Now it’s time for the head.

The faceplate is actually two separate pieces together. How unique. I’ll show this in a little more detail shortly.

Side armor.

Here is the head clearly showing the two different faceplates.

I kind of like him this way. He look like a snarling snake. With some modifications to that red piece I could make it look like a hissing snake. Hmm.

Another skull and crossbones!


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  1. Celeste says:

    I wanna build this now. Pirates are cool,Space pirates trying to save the earth from a empire invasion from Jupiter are awesome ^_^

  2. Joe O says:

    coincidentally i am building the xbone as well and i cant wait to see what you do with it!

  3. Dennis says:

    Very nice kit, I may need to order this some day. I just need more room to display all my Gunpla. I just crossed the 50 kit mark; and I have more here unbuilt. I definately need to get a display case.

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