Gaijin Gunpla

It’s here. After seeing the Master Grade Sandrock EW at the recent Japan Model Show I knew it was a kit I had to have. And now I have it.

Box art:

It’s great! I think this art is the best of the recent MG Wing kits so far. It really makes the Sandrock look fearsome.

Box Contents:

This box is packed with a lot of stuff. It was difficult for me to put all the plastic back in and close the box properly after I took these pictures. It’s stuffed.

Here’s the beam blade things an the substitute pieces when they are mounted on Sandrock’s back. yes!

Marking stickers aplenty.

I don’t know if you can tell from this picture but the color of the plastic is different from other white armor parts I have seen. It almost looked flat. I couldn’t detect any kind of plastic sheen. Will have to look into this more closely when I free the runners from the plastic bags.


I want to build this right now, but I have a dilemma. Not only did I download the latest content for GT5 recently, but I also had Battlefield 3 show up at my house today. Not only that, but the latest novel from Haruki Murakami (the greatest novelist alive) arrived in the mail two days ago. There are four things I want to do right now, but which one wins?

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  1. Zeta Newtype says:

    I’m with you on Battlefield 3, though I have to wait until Nov to get my copy, due to saving money for little thing called Youmacon in Detroit (More gunpla ftw). Oddly enough, I also have a book that’s contending for my attention as well, the Star Wars Old Republic noval, Fatal Alliance. Sandrock looks fantastic, it will be something I grab as fast as I can.

  2. Joe says:

    My comments are not showing up… but I have tried to post a single word twice before this:

  3. syd says:

    Hey Joe,

    Your one-word comments were going straight to the spam folder for some reason.

  4. MoogleDee says:

    I’m stuck between BF3 and 1Q84, too. It’s hard balancing the two. Well okay, three – I also have the Jesta to finish up.

  5. asian1skill says:

    BF3 im ripping it up alrdy its awesome

  6. Paulo951 says:

    Can’t wait to build the sandrock. I hope his old HG cape will fit on for a more Jedi feel 😛

  7. Dennis says:

    Sandrock, Sandrock, Sandrock… Guess what I’d do first once I get mine from HLJ.

  8. jiminboo says:

    I love the ver Ka decals on this kit… hoping Bandai releases water slides ^_^

  9. David says:

    Can’t wait to get the Sandrock kit myself. It is my absolute favourite out of the Wing suits. Already comes in flat white? Sounds awesome to me. Are you gonna do any painting on this? Would love to see a different colour scheme.

  10. XZF says:

    Wooh, cant wait to see your build 🙂

  11. Tom says:

    Sandrock in the show never used any beam swords. The clear parts are for when the swords heats up. The concept is similar to the Epyon’s heat-rod.

    And I’d go with the novel first. A good book will always make your day go better.

  12. Harry101010 says:

    i have a question: right now i’m choosing what to buy between MG Epyon or MG Sandrock. which one is better….

  13. jordan says:

    Haruki Murakami!!!! Love his works. I have read his “norwegian wood” and moving on to his other works.

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