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Yes, admittedly I have been posting here somewhat sporadically. I did mention about a month ago in a post entitled Life and Other Things how I would be posting less as I focused on other things and while I have been doing just that there is another reason for not posting as much Gunpla content. I lacked the drive to do so. Yes, the Courage Project did burn me out but I am surprised at just how hard it has been for me to get back into not only customizing but building as well. I’ve got plenty of kits under the Work Table but none of them pulled me in and my time was spent thinking of other things.

As I have learned in my time in Martial Arts, and most other things in life, the longer you put something off the harder it is to get back into it and get it done. So, I’ve decided I will get back into Gunpla starting with the MG Crossbone X-1 Ver. Ka.

I decided it would be this kit for two reasons. The first is because I was given this kit by Gundam Guy for my part in judging the G-Shot 2010 Competition.

I’ll take this chance to let everyone know that G-Shot 2011 is happening and I am once again participating as a judge. I am excited to see the hundreds of submitted Gundams and pictures and I know this will reenergize me. Good luck to everyone. I have purchased extra socks because I expect my other pairs to be knocked off.

While I’m talking about Contest I want to mention that due to the overwhelming response to my Gundam Senryuu Contest I will be giving away more than just one prize. I don’t have another 限定 7-11 Gundam to give away but I will be offering something similar to two other winners. Really, when you see all those Senryuu you can imagine how difficult it would be to pick just one.

The other reason I decided to jump back into Gunpla with this kit has to do with seeing Lupes show it again on his site. This is what I’m talking about.

Contagious. Check out Lupes’ completed Crossbone here.

And while we’re talking about awesome stuff. The new One OK Rock album arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

And it is, you guessed it, pretty awesome.

Probably my favourite Japanese band right now.

Wow, this post has everything. A kit, two contests, and a music video.

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  1. lupes says:

    thanks for the link! Gonna have to hurry and finish up my PG Wing Zero so I can enter it in G-Shot this year! …and I need to finish the Muaramasa Blaster for Crossbone now. Gotta make it match the rest of the kit after all!

  2. Hypnos says:

    wow, i´m gonna try to participate, i dont know if on straight build or on painted (that depends if i can buy the compressor xD) i hope that my 1/144 sinanju arrives soon 😛

  3. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    I so want to buy this album, since I have no ways to buying it I have to sadly download it. Is sad because I reaaally love this band, it’s so awesome in many ways and I really wanted to give my support in some way. Do you know a good english site to buy japanese albums that send to Brazil Syd? And how much is the album?

    • syd says:

      Hi Yuri,

      Sorry for my delay in replying. I don’t know of any sites really aside from I paid about 3,100 yen for this album, it is the limited edition package after all, which is a bit steep. Normally Amazone gives a discount but there was no discount on this disc.

      • Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

        No problem with the delay, haha. But the limited edition it’s 3100? Damn, compared to the ones heres it’s very affordable, haha. But thanks, I will try to see if I can manage to grab one for me in some obscure site or see if I can get in one of the amazon sites 🙂

  4. Butagami says:

    Dude, I was going to say something about gunpla here, then I clicked that video. Thank you!

  5. Adrian says:

    There are a lot of loose/breakable parts on the Crossbone so you might want to be extra careful, especially with the legs. If you rotate them, try rotating from the thighs and not from the lower leg since the connection there is weak and may break.

  6. Butagami says:

    Is there anyone who built the crossbone, who couldn’t resist putting “BF-39” on it’s shoulder?

    Also, ONE OK ROCK is definitely on my list of favorite japanese bands. They have this one song, written in katakana “anseizunia”, anyone got a clue what that might be in english?

  7. Jack says:

    Ah… Man. This is going to be interesting.

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