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I think by now everyone knows I’ve been enjoying the Master Grade Wing Gundam kits of the last year so no one should be surprised to see me doing a review of the newest kit, the MG Sandrock EW. How does it fare compared with the other MG Wings? Let’s all find out.

Overall Look: 9/10

I like it! Actually with the exception of the Deathscythe EW I think all the MG Wing kits look fantastic but the Sandrock is even a step up. With those distinctive shoulders and the weapons hanging from its back it looks unlike any other suit I’ve yet to encounter and the helmet like head design is cool.

Colors: 10/10

Red, blue, white, and yellow? No way. Okay, we’ve got the white and yellow, and a bit of red I guess. And the torso and feet armor parts are a really dark blue but this isn’t your normal Gundam color scheme. The use of subtle colors really suits this suit and, as I mentioned before, the white armor pieces give off a flat appearance different from that plasticy look we see with every kit. On its own, the Sandrock looks great without the need for painting.

Weapons: 9/10

Not only are the weapons unique and cool-looking but they are also very functional and work together. For example, here’s the rifle.

This rifle can fold up into a more compact form.

The main weapons for sandrock function in several ways, made possible by the ability to flip the handles around.

This allows the weapons to attach together.

And to attach to that sexy shield but let’s talk more about that later.

I also like how the weapons look on the backpack thanks to having a little bit of movement available to them.

Articulation: 4/10

Unfortunately, those sexy shoulders I mentioned before go a long way in hindering any motion in the arms. (warning: here come crappy pictures).

You can see (kinda) how the small piece on the bottom of the side of the shoulder is stopped by the main shoulder piece thereby stopping the actual arm from moving any further.

Attach the shield to the arm and movement is hindered even further. But it’s not just the arms that have this kind of problem.

I like the look of the ankle armor but it really gets in the way of the foot going anywhere. On the plus side those pieces slamming together create a somewhat sturdy base, but don’t expect much in the way of action poses.

Build Design: 8/10

Bandai has done some good things with the Sandrock in terms of what could be called gimmicks. Little things like the rifle attaching to the shield (and skirt) are nice.

But the coolest is probably those long weapons and the shield. They are easily held in place but a simple clasp type of action from the backpack.

But you get more satisfaction by taking them off and attaching them to the shield.

There’s a cool little gimmick there too.

You can have two plastic arms in one of two positions.

They are connected by by sprockets so it is easy to open or close the weapons when they are on the shield.

There’s also somewhat of a mystery concerning the shoulder. When assembling you pop the last piece in from above. It actually pops into groves on the inside of the shoulder side armor pieces. This means that the top armor piece can move.

But I can’t for the life of me determine what purpose this serves. The polycap holding things together has a hollow which would allow something to be inserted, but the only thing I can think of working there would be the weapons but there’s nothing in the manual to indicate that’s why it was designed this way. Hmmm.

Fun Factor: 7/10

Putting together such unique shapes keeps your attention and even though I was basically assembling the same frame for what seemed like the hundredth time the armor application portion of the build kept things moving. But the most fun is had with the beam weapons.

I normally dislike the hand designs used in the Wing kits, most notable on the Deathscythe where they would just fly off when trying to pose the suit holding the Scythe, but the hands actually work well on the Sandrock because of how the handles for the weapons were designed. I had no problem having Sandrock hold these things in a variety of poses.

Extras: 7/10

The choice of silver or beam effect part for the weapons is a great idea and the extra hands actually work, as I wrote previously so they are an asset to this kit. Of course, with the EW kits we have been getting come a lot of markings.

So if you’re like me when it comes to markings you are in for a treat.

The Sandrock EW doesn’t meet the epic heights Bandai achieved with the Epyon but as an MG Wing kit, or small box/lower priced MG kit it is definitely worth looking at (and playing with).

I’m still trying to decide if I want to paint him.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Perhaps those shoulder slots will be to accommodate the cloak parts which attach at the shoulders. They may be released as an exclusive like the Unicorn Gatlings or even as a MG Sandrock custom.

    • Gary says:

      What Jeff said makes a lot of sense. I actually hope Bandai releases a good quality cloak this time around…

    • MilkyToast says:

      I’m hoping it’s a cloak for the later release. It does remind me of the SD Wing Musha Kits though. On the Sandrock kit in that set you could mount it’s swords on shoulders or the shoulder missile packs from the musha Heavyarms.

    • Butagami says:

      I thought the same thing when he mentioned that. Maybe we’re right, that would be awesome

  2. Aaron says:

    About the polycap in the shoulder, as Jeff said, it may be due to for the Endless Waltz release later on down the line, which will hopefully include this cloak:

    Shame about the shoulder articulation, you would think they would have made those parts separate and on a peg system

  3. David says:

    So this isn’t the Sandrock Custom? I kept thinking it was because of the way it looked. Just thought they put the original Sandrock colours on the Custom version. In any case I would like to see you paint it and see what colour scheme you will go with this time around.

    • Static says:

      Yeah, all the Katoki redesigns have the same look and for both the original gundam and it’s successor, with minor differences. For example, on the Sandrock, besides the color scheme, the original has a sub machine gun and lacks a cloak and the 2 vulcans on each shoulder. While the Custom has a cloak and the 2 vulcans and lacks the sub machine gun.

      • Dingo says:

        As static said. Sandrock “riffle” is actually look like an uzi sub-machine gun made by Israeli. I really love this gundam design, but it’s not available in my country yet. /sigh

  4. Brian says:

    I really like this design, reminds me of the Endless Waltz OVA design. I’m planning on painting him in OVA colors 🙂
    The shotel’s gimmick reminds me a lot of the Sinanju’s “naginata”
    …and the Uzi like SMG is pretty awesome!

  5. Butagami says:

    It looks pretty sweet, despite Sandrock being my least favorite gundam of wing. Are you going to do anything to it in the way of painting?

    And Syd, not really sure if you already know this, but the red effect parts aren’t beam parts, they’re to show the blades being red-hot. Called heat-shotels after all. Just wanted to tell you since you keep calling them beam parts…

  6. Dan says:

    I wonder if the cloak from the No-grade Endless Waltz kit would work on it. That kit came out ages ago and I still have it. Going to have to take a look it.

  7. Sonar says:

    MAC-10 FTW. I would buy this for the gun alone.

  8. neosonic says:

    lol.. for the mystery shoulder.. it should be for the cape that sandrock custom will wear.
    Bandai didn’t include it this time, so people will still buy sandrock custom when it appears.
    Because both of them are very identical.

  9. John says:

    I think this kit looks great and Syd I was wondering if the kotobukiya weapon unit freestyle gun would fit the size of one of the 1/100 Hg Wing Kits

  10. Ger says:

    I love this kit and need to get it as soon as I can. I’ve just recently got back into gunpla after a very long break. Sandrock was my second favorite suit after Heavy Arms.

    The design of the skirt armor on this suit is unique which adds to my love of the suit. I hope they release the OVA version that came with the beautiful sholders and that interesting poncho like cape.

    Great work Syd, have you considered painting it sand like colors?

    • Ger says:

      *Facepalm* Sorry also have you considered a Golden Scarab paint scheme?

    • syd says:

      Yes, I really like this kit, too and had wanted to do something special with it but because I couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted to do I put is aside. And then, of course, new Gunpla arrived.

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