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RG goodness continues with me working on the Freedom’s torso. First thing to do is cut these off the frame runner.

Okay. Them together.

Then rotate the shoulder joints so they will be pointing to the rear.

Then rotate hip joints and disassemble what you just assembled.

Notice the articulation in the hip joints.

Now I get to put on some armor and prepare the backpack.

That small piece gets placed inside the back armor piece.

Then rotate it upwards.

Putting it on the torso you can see a gap in the opening where the shoulders will connect. hmm.

Now slap on the big front armor piece.

But before you do don’t forget that small piece which is used to connect the hatch.

Now slap on some smaller pieces to complete the torso.

Adding that to what we assembled last time.

Now for the shoulders.

Start off with this.

With this kit the piece that connects the shoulder to the arm is laid into place and covered with the top piece rather than sandwiched between the side pieces like previous kits.

You can see that blue piece under the shoulder can pivot.

Now for the arms.

In the previous RGs you would pull a piece off of the arm and use it later to connect to the torso, but not with the Freedom. You only pull away the hand leaving the rest of the arm as is.

Now for those stickers.

These actually go onto the frame instead of onto a piece that is later added to the frame like other RG kits.

Now start sandwiching armor on there.

Now to add a piece for the back of the elbow. This piece is pretty important.

The last of the armor pieces are added here.

You can see the movement in the elbow and also how the piece on the back of the elbow move with it.

Add that to your completed shoulder.

Now comes the interesting (or one of the interesting) part(s) of the build. You have to rotate the shoulder open and attach the armor and then close the shoulder again to complete the assembly.

Looking at it from above you notice a gap between the torso and shoulders.

Here is where we’re at so far, but something is missing. That signature head.

That signature head.

Gotta decide which sticker to use for the eyes.

I’ll take the easy route and choose #73.

Put these two assemblies together.

Then cover it with the armor.

Oh ya! That is awesome!

Just that crazy backpack and a few other things to do then sticker hell.

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  1. Mark says:

    Does the cockpit open?

  2. Dtn8 says:

    Awesome, like yourself I wasn’t that keen on this real grade but after seeing the recent media from the expo’s I am itching to get my hands on this kit.

    Really like the fact that Bandai is addressing previous issues with earlier models (hands and the weak skirt joints)

    Thanks for reviewing this kit right after release.

  3. Erick Hernandez says:

    Do you thinks those stickers could be replaced for paint (maybe this one would look nice ?)

    Great build!

  4. Hypnos says:

    looking forward to see that freedom with all the markings :P, btw, i just got a package from HLJ today, christmas came early for me :P.

  5. Matt says:

    Syd, I just started my RG Freedom and ran into a snag. When cutting out the white face plate, it broke in half! I made sure to cut far away from the piece but it still happened anyway. Do you have any recommendations on how to fix?


    • syd says:

      Hi Matt,

      You should be able to fix it easily with some model cement. The part is small but is a simple, smooth shape so sanding down the glue after it’s dry shouldn’t be a problem.

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