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I feel like Saul of Tarsus as previously I mentioned not being interested in the RG Freedom Gundam but then did a 180 when I saw the light (shining on it at the 51st All Japan Hobby Show). It’s very similar to the previous RGs, of course, but before we start building let me highlight some interesting differences.

Here’s the frame runner.

Ya, it looks like the others but what’s this?

I’m guessing those never-before-seen pieces have something to do with those large things on Freedom’s back.

And the torso portion of the frame is also different from those of the Freedom’s Real Grade predecessors.

It comes in two pieces. We’ll find out why soon enough.

Before I actually start showing the build I wanted to show this picture.

Look at the detail and panel lines!

Starting with the feet…

They’re just the same as those on the Aile Strike, unsurpringly, with pieces sandwiching the frame. However this part was worth taking a picture of (or so I thought at the time).

The grooves in the blue piece secure the white piece in place and then it is dropped onto the foot.

Thumbs up!

So you wanna build an RG leg…

The legs are very similar to the Aile Strike’s, as expected, and much easier to assemble then those of the RX-78-2 which featured far more smaller panel pieces.

R-tic-U-lation (would that be a good license plate? RtcUltn ?

Two frame pieces sandwich a small white part holding it to the back of the leg.

It moves.

The armor pieces of the leg are a good size and there is no real difficulty in attaching them to the frame.

The leg is then completed by putting on those sexy panel-lined pieces and adding the armor parts to the knee.

Next is the skirt and the frame for this is different from the previous RGs.

You have to turn the top parts in opposite directions…

then you can add the small frame pieces.

The skirt armor is quite different as well, and that’s a good thing.

For this kit, a male-female connection is not utilized but instead the armor sandwiches a peg.

This is much better and you don’t need to worry about the skirts coming off.

The rear skirt armor piece is surprisingly large. I didn’t realize its size until it came time to assemble it.

And we got ourselves a skirt.

That’s as far as I got with my first sit down with the kit. I reluctantly set it aside hoping to get back to it as soon as possible.

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  1. Syberio says:

    When i saw the first pics of the frame runners i was like : Why does it have a blue frame?

    and then i realised it was the lighting 😛

    the skirt armors sandwiching the pegs look far more solid than the previous skirts, and thats a really good thing as it’s bandi kits nemesis 😛

    real grade technologies should be applied to all future master grades…

  2. Kefka says:

    A little disappointing that ther is no armor under the skirts

  3. Dennis says:

    I WANT ONE NNNNNNOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. SavviMaple says:

    I shall be patient and play with Strike and VF-25Fs until Freedom is on sale : 3
    Looking forward to own this kit as well.

    RGs are becoming the next MG line after the HG 1/144s. The MG line will need to up it’s line now I think. : )

    • Alvin says:

      bro, I think bandai is now focusing on this line instead, as they said before that they are gonna reduce the production of the mg line…

  5. Superbakuteh says:

    I ‘m stragguling to choose between MG freedom & RG Freedom as i only have money to get on. The price comparation MG Vs RG : USD45 VS USD35. First I planing to Buy RG for fun (playing). But othe ppl said that, the inner not suit for playing as it may easi to broke. SO, now i planning to get MG As it onli more USD 10, & it Huge (@ o @).

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