Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve finished the Mega test build and now this guy is ready to go in the pile of so many other snapped kits while it waits to get some more attention and love. With the sudden arrival of winter I’ve been unable to get outside and do some painting and my projects have kind of been backing up, and in some cases, put in a state of semi-permanent retirement. Once I can enjoy being outside again I will start breaking out the paint cans but until then I’ve got snap-building (and MW3) to keep me occupied.

But back to the Mega size AGE-1. How does it feel to build a Mega Size kit. Well, in some ways, working on this after the likes of Perfect Grade kits, it is a little bit disappointing. Well, not disappointing in the build itself. It is pretty much an HG kit and those kits are enjoyable enough on their own, but for something so massive I expected the build to be a little more time-consuming so perhaps, when I finished it in 2 hours, it seemed anti-climactic. It does look massively cool, however.

There are enough little details and panel lines to keep even the basic gundam detailer busy for some time. Add to that the waterslide decals and it’s a good product.

The LED set up is really simple yet effective and I found myself switching those lights on and off simply because it was so easy to do so unlike the PG kits. The car spoiler backpack is still the best part of the suit design in my book.

Despite it being very similar to the HG version the sheer bulk of the kit makes posing it a bit cumbersome and as such it can’t hold the same kind of poses as its little older brother. Just being so massive makes it look cool.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Looks cool, maybe Bandai will make a PG of this soon.

    • Mathias says:

      i really wouldnt be surprised to see a PG AGE-1. its a very simple design and making gimmicks like the light-up features would be pretty easy for it.
      but since the show itself is targeted at a slighty younger audience they might not make such a complex kit for it…

  2. Bocalt says:

    Do you recommend the buy though, its around $125 with shipping included but i’m on the fence but i do feel its a step up on former 1/48 kits.

    • syd says:

      It all depends on what you are looking for in a kit. If you like size and a good amount of space to work with then this kit might be worth buying, whereas if you like lots of parts and a more in-depth build process you might want to spend that amount of money on a bigger MG kit.

  3. Paulo951 says:

    Happy Christmas!

  4. dave says:

    I want one for xmas!!! ^_^

  5. Ryan says:

    how tall is it?

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