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I haven’t yet done one of the Mega size models. Sure they are 1/48 scale meaning they’re a bigger kit than a Perfect Grade, but they lack the parts and build engineering that the PGs and even the Master Grades have. Well, I seem to remember committing to building the 1/48 MEGA SIZE Model Gundam AGE-1 Normal and now that it’s out I have to fulfill my promise.

You can’t really state that the Mega-size kits have box ‘art’ so to speak but the packaging is still attention getting and includes more attention grabbing stuff on the sides including this.

There’s an LED!

But it’s what’s inside the box that counts!

The runners take up a fair bit of room when you lay them out like this but there aren’t really a lot of them. Those feet are huge, though!

Lots of markings are included. Hurray!

And the box also contains these two booklets.

The booklet on the left is something put together in connection with Hobby Japan magazine showing little tips you can do to improve the look of your AGE-1. It also has these pics.

Now that is what I’m talking about.

The other, blander, booklet is actually the manual some of which is in color.

Now the manual and box indicate you can build this kit without side-cutters but is this really so? Perhaps Gai-Gun Jr. and I will find out this weekend.

Looks like I’ll be buying some more watch batteries from the dollar store this weekend…

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  1. Syberio says:

    really looking forward to get a review for this kit 🙂 I introduces the son of a collegue of mine to gunpla and he’s got totally addiceted right at the first HG 😛 (he built it in one go)

    now he want’s a tall one… i guess a megasize is better than a pefect grade for a gunpla newbie 😛

  2. fury-s12 says:

    oooo you have to paint it those darker colors i like them alot even on this MS

  3. Jeff says:

    You don’t have to buy the batteries. They’re included. In fact, they’re in one of the pictures you took.

  4. Dennis says:

    I’ve been on the fence about getting one of these kits. Mainly because they’re very large HG kits. If this kit looks nice I may try my hand at one. Of course mine will just HAVE to be one of the Zakus.

  5. tristan says:

    You are better off with sidecutters if its anything like the 1/48 RX 78. The little plastic remover thingy didnt work on all parts that well as it more rips than separates!

  6. terenceboy2 says:

    I am sure Gai-Gun Jr is gonna have fun. I did the 1/48 Rx78-2 (First Gunpla after 6 years) with my 6 yr old little terror and we had a ball of a time…just be careful with all the smaller parts cos the little ones tend to misplace stuff (well, Baby Sis was snatchin small little parts here and there from the brother….no way to stop them, absolute mayhem but funny as hell!!!)

    Anyways, was building the head of the RX and realised the polycap was missing!!! After 2 days of frantic searching, my domestic helper found it in one of his Cars 2 containers….hahaha…

    Probably get the 1/48 Age-1 as well for both the Big and Small Terror to build it together again…great bonding sessions….

    • syd says:

      Ya kids love this stuff. My daughter learned that she couldn’t help when I was building MGs so she was ecstatic to be the one with the ‘tool’ removing parts of the Mega Size.

      • terenceboy2 says:

        What I did was to let my son do the identification of the parts to be removed, removing of said parts, squeeze the big pieces together and let him connect the head, arms and leg to the body (of course I secretly built the smaller bits and pieces when he was sleeping at night). The excitement on his face when he ‘assembled’ the whole thing was priceless…

        of course, now after 3 weeks of the Terror playing with it, I have a L-shaped beam saber effect, broken shield connector, lost V-fin, missing beam rifle (how he got it out of the fixed hands I have no clue) and another missing beam saber….haha…who needs a Zaku to destroy a Gundam….RX 78-2, meet Thaddeus…

  7. sonar says:

    I had a go at removing the Char’s Zaku feet using the method prescribed in the manual and I really don’t reccomend it.
    The big parts make for fun and easy assembly for little hands.

  8. Evan says:

    Can you imagine a PG in 1/48?

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