Gaijin Gunpla

With Christmas approaching it’s time to light this Gundam up and for that I’m going to use the supplied LED (and batteries!)

This is the standard LED unit that is used with the MG 00 kits.

The LED doesn’t go into the torso but instead is assembled as part of the backpack.

The thruster on the backpack serves as the switch for the LED which is placed inside the backpack.


Then I get to assemble the rear spoiler.

Got rice?

My lovely assistant will now put the backpack on (and play with the light).

This guy needs some arms now.

Using the joints that were assembled right at the start of the build…

…I then assembe the arm HG-style.

Each arm consists of these sections.

And, of course, hands.

So far so good.

But he still lacks a head.

Start with a couple pieces for the face.

And a huge armor piece gives me only half a head.

The next part of the manual shows you what to do with the smallest part of the build. It’s a tiny black piece that if you try to remove it without cutters will snap. I speak from experience.

It slides in behind the green part blocking out some of the light that will shine through when the LED is on.

The rear half of the head houses the poly-cap needed to connect to the torso.

The white part with the green part on it is supposed to slide into the back half of the head before putting the head together, however the fit was pretty awkward so I opted to attach it to the front half of the head before final assembly.

My other assistant finds herself involved.

Okay, fun’s over. Let’s do it properly.

Now for that giant shield I showed before.

Slap the frame(ish) piece onto the main shield part and then the large blue piece slides on.

The rifle is just a matter of putting halves together to make different sections.

Wait, what? I’m done already? That was fast. But pretty fun for the short amount of time it took. I’ve still to do decals and panel lines but I’ll let Gai-Gun Jr. play around with Mr. AGE-1 Normal awhile before I do that.

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  1. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    Aww, this as so nice ^-^. Love seeing you being such a cool dad. Gai-gun Jr. will grown onto an amazing person since her childhood is certainly being amazing :D. And wow, she isn’t much bigger then Msize Age, haha :).

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