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Here’s the next part of the Jehuty from the Zone of the Enders game. Yes, there’s a ‘the’ in the original game title, Zone of the Enders, but the Acronym on the packaging is always Z.O.E. and I don’t see a t for ‘the’ anywhere.

This portion of the build starts with the upper arms.

This part then goes into a frame piece along with a poly-cap.

Then is finished with an additional armor piece, black this time, and one more piece of that gold-ish frame.

Then it’s on to the elbow joints.

These fives pieces are pretty small and I found my big, in comparison, fingers getting in my own way but I eventually succeeded. I did have to look at the manual a few times during the process, though, and I’m not sure the manual is 100% accurate.

Once completed the elbow joint looks like this and bends to about 90 degrees.

To complete assembly of the arm you put a polycap into the frame pieces for the forearms and then insert the male connectors on the elbow joint you just assembled.

Then do it again for the other side.

Not these small pieces again!

You can see the ball joint on the top of the arms used for securing the shoulders. Well, in theory, they are used for that.

Speaking of the shoulders, those are next.

Some very small pieces of the transparent blue runner need to be inserted here at just the correct angle. This forms the bottom of the shoulder onto which the rest of the shoulders parts connect

The back of one arm receives this interesting blade-looking attachment.

Now some hands! Eight of them, in fact.

First are these.

Then these.

And a pair of these.

And lastly, these two.


None of these are articulated in any way but that’s just as well considering how those are often too weak to hold weapons, etc. In the case of the Jehuty, this way is perfect.

To finish up the arms a small shield is assembled.

Once the arms are completed it’s time to assemble Jehuty’s head. Starting with these pieces.

A small piece of the transparent blue is used and the rest is the black and gray armor.

With the white earmuffs. It’s cold in Japan right now.

Can’t attach a head with a neck.

These pieces all combine to make…

It looks rather reptilian. Or maybe it resembles a chicken. I don’t know which yet.

The torso of this kit turned out to be the most interesting part of the build.

Starting with these pieces you assemble opposing sections.

These sections attach to the center of the torso which is assembled next.

You now have the main block of the torso but there’s lots of work to be done. You can see how much independent movement is available to each side of the torso.

Next is…

A poly-cap is used here. This will be how the arms connect.

Then onto the torso it goes.

Now a poly-cap used to secure the neck is put in place followed by the rear armor.

Next you assemble the lower abdomen/torso and while the build is rather simple it isn’t necessarily strong.

Those black pieces are held in place by another gold piece however the fit is somewhat loose and later on would cause me problems.

Here are the parts needed to complete the abdomen.

Completing this part of the build involves building the wings or whatever those thing are.

Attaching those everything else I assembled in that sitting gave me this sexy thing.

To actually get it to look like this took some effort, however. I found the poly-caps very stiff and it would take quite a bit of effort to get the shoulder on and if I pushed at the wrong angle the shoulder would fall apart. Likewise, when pushing the two sections of the torso together I ended up having parts flying off when the abdomen decided to fall apart instead of attach to the upper torso. But I eventually got everything together and nothing broke.
Next Jehuty entry will have the completed build, my thoughts about the kit and quality, plus any details I may want to attempt.

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  1. reehdus says:

    I can’t help thinking the emphasis on the ‘the’ was a cynical response to someone else’s comment somewhere…haha

  2. Shaid says:

    Unfortunately having the kit fall apart as you put it together (and pose it, for that matter) is par for the course with Kotobukiya kits.

    Still, I’d buy anything Jehuty-based! Hopefully they’ll make Anubis and Dolores too. Vic-Vyper is already announced.

    – Excited Shaid

  3. Tom says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait until the Zone of the Enders HD Collection is release. You planning to pick that game up Syd?

  4. Dan says:

    I can’t wait either for the HD collection. Probably will be the only game that I will stop playing Gears of War 3 for. Has anyone picked up the Revoltech Z.O.E figures? I was wondering if Anubis was worth the money?

  5. Ryan says:

    Hey Syd, still waiting to see your finished Jehuty, hows it progressing?

  6. syd says:

    Hey Ryan,

    To be honest, I haven’t gotten very far with it. With the new year, the many illnesses going around (Mrs. Gai-Gun and Gai-Gun Jr. are currently sick again) and the first two MGs of 2012 has left me with little time.

  7. Ryan says:

    Im delighted with mine, turned out really well. Definetly use a decal pen on his spine Syd, looks great. I can send pics if your curious.

  8. dave says:

    is this one finished already syd?

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