Gaijin Gunpla

Now it’s time for the best part of the RG Freedom Gundam build. Those awesome wings. Before those, however, I’m instructed to put together the big guns for his skirt. So let’s go.

These guns are made to unfold and extend when being used but become quite compact when not. For that gimmick you start by assembling this.

You can see its full length is quite long when you put the two sections together with the white parts.

Now to make those huge guns that hide in the wings. Here’s the joint that plays a pivotal role. (get it?)

Enclose the red piece with these two large main parts.

Then you add a couple dark blue parts to finish it off.

For the wings you basically assemble the same things twice with a center piece that is used attaches to the backpack.

This is where you use the frame part that is unique to this kit.

Now for a tricky part. This blue piece splices together with the darker piece using tabs. You can see how the tabs alternate sides.

This then attaches to that main connector part.

You have to make sure all pegs line up and press it firmly into place. This part has a tendency to come apart when you start unfolding the wings.

And then you repeat the process again.

Now attach these wings to that gun. The part that connects to the gun is a cylinder which is what allows the wings to unfold. The fit is very precise so it is only friction that holds the wings in place.


The backpack is only a few parts.

To get the wings onto the backpack you have to position the frame pieces at the right angle and then another will enclose them holding them in place. The fit is a bit tricky at first.

Just slap these babies on the suit and behold!

Now for some panel lines and all those stickers.

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  1. Mathias says:

    the wings dont seem to be too different from the MG version. there might be a little less pieces involced overall but other than that i dont see THAT many differences… its incredible how much bandai has improved their 1/144 scale models!

  2. Zeta Newtype says:

    When neither strength alone or will alone will be enough..

    Okay, is it sad I will snap this kit and then listen to METEOR by T.M. Revolution? Yeah, probably.

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