Gaijin Gunpla

Remember this photo?

Yup, there’s a lot of stuff in this box and because I’ve already built an MG Unicorn I’m going to start with the weapons. This will give me a sense of novelty while also eliminating the chance of weapons block which comes after building a suit and realizing there are still the weapons left to do.

First off…

Beam Magnums x 2

These are the same as the Beam Magnum in the original MG Unicorn kits except there’s two. You assemble both the same way.

Until you reach this point.

These will be mounted on opposing sides of the suit so one small assembly is done differently. It’s these three pieces.

It is simple enough just to slide that assembly onto one side or the other of the rail on the Beam Magnum, then you close it up and add the barrel and other small pieces.

Then you make the ammunition.

And you’re done.

No biggie, right? Well the Bazookas are kind of similar. Kind of.

You start out by assembling hand grenades. x 8!

They consist of only three pieces and also open.

Then it’s on to the Hyper Bazooka itself. But first you need these.

You also are going to need a couple of the ammunition cartridges for these big bad bazookas once they’re done.

The bazookas are pretty much the same as the previous MG versions except the barrel is assembled using a different set of parts that Bandai included.

From there it’s just a simple matter of completing the assembly.

However, once the actual bazooka is finished you have to assemble an addition (x2, of course).

That little addition has ammunition cartridges of its own.

Here it is complete with its ammunition.

Now I have to put these all together.

Here’s the Bazookas with the missile pods and the hand grenades.

And the little addition.

Look at these monsters now!

First weapon stage is complete.

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  1. Mark says:

    Wow Syd, that is not tedious for you??

  2. Hypnos says:

    i don´t think its tedious, it must be great seeing it being slowly become the huge monster that is that FA unicorn.

    Btw? i saw on the Hobby show when bandai presented this kit that the Psycho frame glows under blacklight, do you know if this kit has the same effect of was only made for the hobby show?

  3. sonar says:

    The “additions” would have to be grenade launchers, no? Hehe.. kinda like adding a crossbow to a rifle isn’t it?

    Keep us posted. Reading this has me psyched to have a crack at it (nopun)

  4. Mathias says:

    building the guns was a tiny bit tedious, especially building the six gatling guns… but at the end when you have all those guns lying in front of you the whole ordeal was SO worth it^^
    building a second MG unicorn and all those identical weapons might sound boring but i had SO much fun with this kit! the unicorn itself is a really fun build and i love building guns, so i really enjoyed building this thing a LOT!

  5. Brian says:

    The first thing I noticed when I opened the FAUG manual was that the Underbarrel Grenade Launchers have a Dual Mag attachment. Is the great Hajime Katoki, perhaps, a Black Ops fan? 😛

  6. Dan says:

    i’m falling behind. everyone has started building but me lol. probley start it this coming weekend.

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