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My second stint assembling the Full Armor Unicorn’s weapons began with things that aren’t actually weapons but there to defend against weapons. I am talking about the shields. For Mr. FA Unicorn, there are three of these.

With the previous MG Unicorn the shield came on the D runner and it is the same with the Full Armor version.

The two extra shields, however, are included on runner WA, which also includes the big parts for the boosters.

Basically the shield is assembled in three stages; the top of the shield, the movable parts, then the bottom of the shield.

And then everything is held together by a long piece of plastic which also enables the bottom of the shield to move down exposing the psycho frame parts.


Though the FA Unicorn has three shields he can only hold one of them at a time while the other two are attached to his load of weapons.

The two that aren’t being held are designated as Shield A while Shield B has one extra part, I-23.

This part will attach to a little, jointed assembly which will allow the shield to be mounted to Unicorn’s arm.

Here’s a shot of all three shields.

Now onto the Beam Javelins (this is uncharted territory for me).

The first stage is this little assembly.

The large triangle piece for the point of the javelin does not stay on easily. I found it would come off just be moving the piece around in my hands.

It then is connected to the next assembly which is the first part of the handle.

Then it folds over onto itself.

Next comes this contraption.

The middle is pyscho frame but it can be displayed two ways; visible or not visible.

For this assembly of the build it is not visible. This section then attaches two larger pieces.

Then is connected to the javelin assembly which was finished just prior.

But what about the beam effect parts?

Well, there are two ways to handle that. One is to unfold it and reposition the handle piece, then remove the javelin part from the main assembly and attach it to the piece that looks like a double sided axe.

The other is to leave the actual javelin head at the bottom of the length so the weapon looks more like a long handled axe.

With those out of the way I move onto the next stage; Gatlings!

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  1. Joe says:

    “…; Gatlings!” …x6!

  2. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    He needs some funnels, maybe attached to the leg or the waist…. Just sayin’

  3. sonar says:

    Are the beam effect parts pink?

  4. sonar says:

    Had it in my head they were green. Must’ve been the psycho frame. Purple in the pics minus blue cutting mat must equal something in the red spectrum I supposed.

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