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So I gotta build Beam Gatlings and six of them to boot. I’ve already built these Unicorn Gatlings and done a good job of it too, if I do say so myself. Because of this I’m not too excited to be working on this part of the FA Unicorn, but it’s part of the whole so I gotta proceed.

I’ll break these Gatlings down into steps.

First part is to assemble what will be the handle.

Then the barrels are assembled.

This part is actually pretty tricky. They want you to put these four pieces together and then slide on the ring that you see there, but those four barrels have no pegs or the like to hold them together. You have to hold them together with your hands and then put on the end pieces to secure the whole rig together.

After that the tiny pieces are put on.

Next is the ammunition drum which is just two pieces.

Once that is done you have an assembled Beam Gatling Gun.

But you’re not assembling all six the same way. Three are designated as Gatling Gun – A and the other three as B. The difference is how you mount the swiveling handle and sensor as well as the final piece that will be used to connect the Gatling to Unicorn Gundam.

Because I had six of these to do I staged this photo showing the steps for assembly.

Wait. I could have just showed this one picture and it would have been enough?

Then the manual shows you how to mount these to your Unicorn but you need to have assembled the backpack. Well, of course, my backpack isn’t done yet because I started on the weapons. The next 10 minutes were spent putting the backpack together.

I spent quite a bit of time (and some money) on the backpack of my MG Unicorn I dubbed the ‘Gray Ghost‘. No plans to do something like that again but I have some plans floating around in my noggin’.

Everything you need to mount two of the Gatlings to the backpack are found on the Y runner.

And there are some pretty big parts there.

Putting the big stuff together gives you this.

Just attach the Beam Gatlings to it and you’re set.

They actually hold on fairly securely.

The grooves on the lower part of the backpack fit perfectly around the large piece holding the Gatlings.

Then it pivots upwards and a small section of the gatling mount is inserted into the back of the backpack.

Okay, terrible picture. Let’s try this.

Then it goes onto the torso of your Unicorn and the stand attachment can be added.

But I haven’t got that far yet.

Next up, the boosters and that Base Jabba they turn into.

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  1. Dan says:

    lots of parts means more fun building. looks good so far.

  2. Mark says:

    Hmm.. i would have died of exhaustion just by assembling the weapons 😛

  3. Dan says:

    i just did the uincorn’s chest piece today. taking my time with this kit. fun so far.

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