Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve done the two bazookas. I’ve done the three shields. I’ve done the two beam magnums, two beam javelins, six beam gatling guns and things I’m sure I’ve forgotten. I don’t have to build any more weapons (I’m not counting Beam Sabers here), but instead get to build the boosters.

These are actually quite simple. They are just very, very big.

These four parts snap together easily, though the seam is fairly visible. The bottom of the boosters has pegs and indentations where the smaller pieces will go.

And those smaller pieces are…

Once you’ve completed this…

You just slap it on the main part of the booster.

This part I really like.

One of the first Gundams I ever built was the Shin Matsunaga Zaku II 2.0 where I took red gundam marker and colored the inside of the thrusters trying add depth. With the FA Unicorn Bandai gives you red parts to get the same effect. I am appreciative of that.

With the thrusters on these boosters are pretty much completed.

All that’s left to do is put the connectors on.

They consist of just two pieces and easily slide into place but you need to take care to do it in the proper order and in the proper place so that the thrusters are lined up the correct way.

But wait! There’s an… ‘option’.

The Base Jabber.

Step 1:

Then I get to dive into the Z runner.

Isn’t it awesome that there’s an MG kit that uses the entire alphabet?

I almost missed these two little guys who were stranded on a deserted runner.

So first I built the main section which I am guessing is the cockpit.

I feel like I’m building with Megabloks.

Then put the two pilots in and put the cockpit canopy on.

Then this.

More huge white pieces!

This is the main body of the Base Jabber.

Then I built this two person ski lift.

I mean, I built the footrests.

The next step is just joining the assemblies together.

For the knee rests you have a choice of three positions.

Now I have to take apart what I just put together.

Pull the connectors off of the boosters and take off the end piece, rotate it 90 degrees and put it back on.

These two large landing gears are built using one giant piece and then the small handles.

I’ll need a couple large white pieces to carry on.

Put the booster connectors into the body piece and then slide the landing gear/handle in place afterwards.

Then put this assembly on the Jabber.

Now slide the top of the booster into the connector, but be sure you have the right angle otherwise the thrusters will be at odd angles and if you do make a mistake you may have to take the Jabber apart some what to be able to free the booster from the connector in order to fix it.

Once the top of the booster is in place you can connect the bottom of it to the Jabber and put the thruster assemblies back on.

And with that, I have a Base Jabber. I would put the Unicorn on it to show its riding skills but I haven’t built that yet. That’s next!

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    Why don’t you just use your other Unicorn?

  2. sonar says:

    Love the two tone thrusters. Be great to see this used more in future MG releases

  3. Dan says:

    its a great bonus to have the base jabber

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