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I finished building the Frankenstein that is the Full Armor Unicorn and I gotta say…

That’s a lot of stuff!

Seriously, that is…

a lotta stuff.

Plus extras!

These are the stands for the Boosters/Base Jabber as well as the extra Grenades, an extra ammo pack for the Beam Magnum, and the parts needed to mount everything onto the shields.

Before I put it all onto the Unicorn I wanted to get a few shots of the Unicorn in Unicorn Mode riding the Base Jabber.


It somehow looks less awesome when riding this thing.

The boosters on the back sure stand out as they are the only spot of color on this thing.

The Base Jabber on the stands.

I then transformed the Unicorn into its Destroy Mode. This took some time. Unlike the OVA Unicorn kits the FA has no extra Destroy Mode V-Fin so I had to use the two piece transformable one.

Once Destroy Mode was ready I let him play around a bit.

Okay, not really. I just attached the Gatlings, Javelins, and Shields.

FA looks kinda plain with only Beam Gatlings, Beam Javelins, and Shields.

The key to mounting everything onto FA is the neat ‘adaptor’ they give you.

Onto this you mount the Hyper Bazookas, the Boosters, and the extra shield. You also mount the stand adaptor. It’s kind of amazing this is all attached to the suit itself by the backpack.

Now for the moment everyone’s been waiting for. Well, everyone who hasn’t checked out the images already available on the internet.

I like the look of the FA with everything on… except the boosters.

With the boosters it looks large, cumbersome, slow, and statuesque.

I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to pose this thing once everything was mounted. As soon as I wanted to change its position so I could take more pictures, parts started falling off. Not parts of the weapons, but parts of the suit. In Unicorn mode the MG is strong and sturdy, but in Destroy Mode it becomes a lot more fragile.

I’ve got some plans for this guy, so I’ll be carefully disassembling him and putting everything back in an organized way. For now I’m glad I got the chance to build it but also glad that the building is done.

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  1. Hypnos says:

    so many weapons…. this MG kit is beatiful…

  2. Alv says:

    But seriously, for someone who is looking to get his first unicorn MG…do you think this is worth it? The green psycho frame and the weapons are cool and with that price tag, it’s definitely worth the price. But as you said, the MG in destroy mode is pretty fragile…so do you think for people like me, without any MG Unicorn, is better to go for OVA?

    • syd says:

      The differences between all the MG Unicorns are insignificant when it comes to the kits stability. No matter which kit you get you will encounter the same problems when it is in Destroy mode.

  3. cipher says:

    uhh…hey did ryan build that MG unicorn?

  4. fury-s12 says:

    epicly cool

  5. Nacho-wan says:

    The base jabber is kind of odd. I don’t understand why Bandai put it with the FA. At first I thought it was limited issue thing. I doesn’t give any value to the model. They should have made a specialty sand like the Hi-Nu . That would have been more valuable

  6. sonar says:

    It plays into the story and gives some validation to those ridiculous propellant tanks.

    My word that is a lot of stuff to make. I agree with your weapons first approach.

  7. kojack says:

    this kit is huge…
    but FA is too much for me

  8. jonathan says:

    Erm. De foot part i think u forgot to change it during destroy mode

    • syd says:

      I didn’t forget. I didn’t change it because not only does it look kinda silly in high heels but also it is a lot less stable with the feet transformed and with all those weapons attached it needs to be as stable as possible.

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