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I enjoyed a quiet, routine weekend with some MG heaviness thrown in. Yes, the MG Heavy Arms EW arrived on thursday, came home with me on Friday, and has already been opened. Inside I found these things.

This guy was all by his lonesome in the bottom of the box. Yup, only one clear part in the whole kit.

This length of plastic is most likely for the Gatling Gun. I am 99% positive on that one.

And these must be for something similar. (I haven’t cheated and read ahead in the manual yet.)

The MG Heavy Arms EW is very similar to the other EW Wing MG kits especially in the legs and torso. Here’s the cockpit.

The shoulders, however, are slightly different. I don’t recall the other MGs being constructed in this way.

Putting these together…

Now comes the first armor parts.

Here are the parts of the cockpit hatch, waist, and back.

While these pieces are for the front.

Already you can see some of the heavy weapons this guy carries.

The top of the torso has these.

Looks like another type of weapon to me.

And the covers for them.

Now it gets interesting.

The front of the torso utilizes these pieces.

This is the hatch which will open to reveal the guns in the chest. To assemble this you need to slide in the very small blue piece at just the right angle.

This took awhile because my fingers are much bigger than both the edge of the blue piece and the opening into which it was supposed to be inserted.

Once that is done however you can finish it up by adding the hinge and a small yellow piece.


Now for the head.

Just four pieces to start with. Pretty simple.

Throw on the side pieces, the top piece, and the red part for the visor and all that is left are two smaller pieces.

The fit is really good on these and they stay in there without a risk of falling out.

I like it.

Heavy Arms so far.

Oh ya!

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  1. Lawrence says:

    Im excited to see this with panel lines and all.

  2. sonar says:

    So glad to see seperate parts for those chest lines

  3. Hypnos says:

    “This took awhile because my fingers are much bigger than both the edge of the blue piece and the opening into which it was supposed to be inserted.” and that´s what tweezers are made for 😛

  4. Dan says:

    so excited to get mine. looks like a great MG

  5. Zeta Newtype says:

    Nnnnngh. Must have.

  6. HeavyArms says:

    Excited to get my hands on it. Ordered online but have not arrived yet. Post some more pictures. thanks.

  7. rakudaman says:

    It’s cool, indeed!!!
    I make it, too.

  8. Old Type says:

    Why did they have to change the designs for the Wing kits? I must be the only person in the world who preferred the original TV designs. At least a bit of painting can restore this kit to it’s original design.

    • B-Werx says:

      Dude! What are you talking about? That is “the ORIGINAL” design for the OVA series. Unfortunately, the producers went for the more dark, dull and moody colors (which was “cool” back on those days) so the original “Katoki Designs” were scrapped. It was only recently that they began to release the “Never before seen” designs. Actually, they had been surfacing for quite a long time now, I’m quite surprised you didn’t know about it

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