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2012 is a new year and with it comes new Gunpla. 2011 saw me building a lot of Wing EW MG kits, and enjoying it, but I am really excited to start more SEED kits. Having previously built the Lucas’ Strike and my favourite MG so far, the Sword Impulse, I have some good memories of SEED related builds so I have high hopes for the Duel Gundam.

First a look at some of the stuff in the box.

Here’s a runner with Assault Shroud Parts. I’m not sold on the Assault Shroud yet, but I am really liking the colors of the Duel. When you see Red, Blue, White, and Yellow all the time, changes to the colour scheme are very welcome.

Plenty of dry transfers and stickers!

I get excited when I first see this but I rarely use them all in the end.

Two beam sabers.

I rarely use these as well.

And here’s the interesting ‘news’ regarding the newest MG kit.

A runner dedicated for SEED kits. There are three of them in the box.

Now we’re ready to start the build.

This kit doesn’t have you assemble the cockpit, instead it comes as one piece, and the first assembly is making the assembly that will connect it to the skirt.

Just put the pilot in his seat.

Then the manual has you tilt the ball joint downwards.

Next step is attaching the shoulder joints.

You can see they have quite a bit of movement.

To get them to move a lot, though, you need to turn the shoulder outwards before tilting it up otherwise the small armor piece will get in the way.

Now for some armor.

And some more armor.

You can see there is a little opening in the side of the armor. There is piston detail on the frame underneath but the opening is rather small and it’s difficult to see the piston, though if you spent time to detail it it would probably be more visible.

Next step is putting on the hatch doors. First, place the lower door on.

Then push it downwards into place.

Then prepare the upper hatch.

And attach.

Kinda looks like a birds’ maw.

With the torso done, it’s backpack time.

There’s one large armor piece onto which everything else attaches starting with the four thrusters. You slide them into place from the side.

Then covers are applied.

This might be one of the sexiest backpacks I’ve ever seen.

Me likey!

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  1. glaurung says:

    Very nice! With every picture I see of this kit I start to like the armor-less version more and more. The extra bulk added by the Assault Shroud details seems just overwhelming. Can’t wait for more blog posts on this MG (my Duel won’t arrive for a couple of weeks from

  2. kharidhz says:

    Awesome man… but in Malaysia it still do not release yet… i will take this gundam as my next kit after the Sandrock hehe… btw, nice job man!!!

  3. Busterbeam says:

    i agree. duel has one of the best backpacks in gundam history. its all about the thrust vectoring

  4. Sonar says:

    That backpack is sweet. Some sucky nub positioning on the top of the shoulders/front of the waist.

  5. Mike says:

    Just got mine in today, can’t wait to start building it up 😀

  6. Shaid says:

    The SEED XFrame looks like the one that the older Seed kits used as well. It’s certainly Strike-based. Though that does make sense, since most of the suits are Strike-based anyway. The non-armored Duel looks awesome, though. Can’t wait for it to arrive (even though I know I wont probably build it for years 😉 )

  7. Ryan says:

    Strikes based on the duel 😉 it was the first gundam in the Seed timeline 😛 very nice so far, definetly getting this kit after heavyarms.

  8. Mathias says:

    i dont want to spoil anything for you, syd… but this kit is amazing XD i just finished mine and except for a few very minor flaws this is a rock solid kit.

  9. Hypnos says:

    no wonder there is an X frame runner, they are going to release also The Buster, aegis and Blitz gundam 😀

  10. Mike says:

    Speaking of which the Blitz just got announced for June.

  11. Hypnos says:

    yeap, also an MG marasai and the RG Mk II will be launched with titans and AEUG colors 😀

    • Dan says:

      Yeah, Bandi is really pulling out all the stops for the Real Grade line. Have they ever released a kit in two color schemes at the same before?

      • Ryan says:

        They did for the MG 2.0 Release of the Mark II a few years ago i believe Dan. I got the RG Freedom and i have to say the tech in the kits is very Impressive and they are so affordable, Bandai better be careful not to release a MG and RG of a kit at the same time or i can see the RG demand being much higher. Id love to see a RG Zeta but i think it would be extremely difficult to pull the transformation off at that scale.

  12. Brian says:

    Most likely the RGs won’t be untransformable unless the transformation processes are those of a HG or bulky units or units with bulky legs (Dom, Gelgoog, Gogg, etc.). I’d love to see a RG Re-ZEL or even Zeta too but pretty unlikely. But I have high hopes for the RGs. I’m thinking the Gouf, the AGE-1, and the Exia have a good chance for a RG Treatment.

    • Ryan says:

      I agree regarding the transformation. A RG 08th MS Team set (Gouf Custom, EZ8 and RX-79 Gundam) would be epic. RG Seravee would be cool aswell, aslong as it had a proper Seraphim rather than the disapointing backpack of the 1/144 kit

  13. Atanlf says:

    I was assembling an MG Strike RM which uses the same internal frame. Unfortunately when connecting the two ABS parts that make up the torso’s shoulder joint I noted white stress marks on the top of the part that connects to the arms. What are the implications? Is it possible that this is just a bad batch of plastic? Please advise

    • syd says:

      If you see white stress marks it should still be all right if you don’t stress the plastic any further. If you’re careful when handling that section that you shouldn’t have a problem.

      • Atanlf says:

        The problem is this part governs the abduction of the shoulder joint, ie the movement of the arm from resting position to upwards via the sideways arc. Shouldn’t be an issue still if I move it regularly, right? I mean, I’ve never sane the stress mark increase so far…

  14. Atanlf says:

    What if I use ABS to PS cement to fuse the affected portion to its adjoining shoulder armour? Would the structural strength of the affected piece be restored to normal?

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