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Caught a pretty bad cold last weekend and ended up home for three days. Or maybe it was that influenza that is wreaking havoc in Japan right now that I see on the news every night. Okay, I don’t actually see the strain of influenza. That would be ridiculous. Or maybe it would be really sweet. It would be like being one of the rare people who can see ghosts. Instead of the ghost whisperer I would be the influenza negotiator. But anyway, catching this influenza, if that is indeed what it was, sucks and pretty much kept me in bed for a whole day and a half. What did I do while not in bed? Build a gundam, of course.

The arms of the Heavy Arms start the same way as the other MG Wing kits (if that hasn’t been said enough already).

A couple of these…

and a couple of these.

But then you get to work on those hefty shoulders. Being the Heavy Arms, with its missile pods in the shoulders, there are going to be some interesting gimmicks in the shoulders on this kit.

Here’s the start.

You can see how it is three separate pieces and notice how the missiles are pieces unto themselves. This is great because it means you can take paint or gundam marker and make the missile pods a distinct color from the rest of the shoulder frame. Simply put the missile pieces onto the shoulder then put on the ‘cover’ piece.

Then finish off the frame part by sandwiching in the joint and the little horn that Heavy Arms has protruding from the end of those massive shoulders.

The next set of missiles is assembled using these pieces.

This will attach to the back of the already constructed shoulder via that round peg which allows it to swivel.

Then another set of missiles!

This time the missiles slide into the piece from behind and then with a latch also included.

That is then put aside in favor of the arm armor.

A couple of small, round, easy to drop, have roll, fall on the floor, and lose pieces are next.

Then the standard MG Wing hand.

And the arm is finished.

This design has always irked me. The arm slides onto the peg in the shoulder joint which means friction is the only thing holding it in place. If the hand were to hold something heavy it would be sure to just slide off the peg. Also, as the kit is used it will become loose and have a tendency to slide down the peg and come off.

Put the arm onto the peg.

Then do the same for the left side.


Before you assemble the left arm the manual indicates that you can choose to build the left arm with the hidden beam saber holder.

So I did.

From there, though, I was kind of confused. I couldn’t see a way to have the armor slide up over the beam saber holder part of the frame meaning the left arm would remain naked. Not much of a hidden beam saber if you ask me.

Putting the completed torso, shoulders, and arms together…

Oh ya!

With that done I pondered continuing or going to bed. Bed wasn’t really a viable option as Gai-Gun Jr was also home sick and at that moment eating ice cream across from me.

What do you mean ice cream isn’t cold medicine? Of course it is.

I decided I would build the skirt while waiting for the ice cream consuming girl to finish.

Basically the same frame as the others.

Some armor parts…

Now for the front skirts and these have missiles, too!

The yellow piece is put on first, then the red.

Once done you can see how the yellow piece opens to reveal the missiles.

Then the rear skirts.

Then I and the other sick person in my house went upstairs and slept for five hours, woke up to darkness and a late dinner, then slept again.

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  1. Lawrence says:

    Such a cute kid! 😀 heavy arms turning out to be great.

  2. Dan says:

    yes heavyamrs looking great. i cann’t eat ice cream when i’m sick. doesn’t work well for me lol.

  3. Busterbeam says:

    im dissapointed in the arms to be honest. its called heavy arms but they seem kind of shabby. it needs a better shoulder joint and that hidden beam saber should really be hidden into the design. oh well.

  4. sonar says:

    Was expecting some Gatling action actually.. She is growing and taking on some more grown facial characteristics. Gorgeous.

  5. Jonny says:

    Loving the look of him so far 🙂 he’s always been my favourite Wing MS. When mine arrives in the post I’ll be painting him in the Kai colours from Endless Waltz. Don’t think I’ll ever use that hidden saber arm, so I might reserve it for a future custom kit!

  6. Kyousakee says:

    The Arm saber wasn’t exactly hidden under the arm… If you watched that episode.. the Saber was directly under the gatling gun when Heero removed it. It was most likely installed when Heero borrowed the H arms.. so it’s actually a swap.. not hidden under a functioning arm

  7. Ryan says:

    The hidden beam saber was a one off modification to the gundam, made before a battle against the close combat Tallgeese, the left arm was intentionally hollowed out and weaker to store the saber. The entire forearm and hand were made to detach when the main gattling gun ran out of ammo.

  8. Syberio says:

    actually, i think the artm beam saber is hidden in the gatling, heard somewhere that in one of the designs of the suit, the gatling replaces the left arm. When it’s out of amo, the pilot discards the gun and pulls the beam saber out

    actually, here is the image of that :

    source from gundam wiki

  9. Mike says:

    Actualy in the anime the gatling is “worn” over the left arm and hand. Once out of ammo he simply drops the gatling and has his arm and hand free. The beam saber “arm” is used only once in the anime where the arm was remove prior in a hangar and the gatling arm was set over the beam saber holder with explosive bolts.

    The difference here is that the EW version actualy holds the gun in his hand rather than over the hand/arm.
    Guess something could be modded out for it.

  10. Mike says:

    at the begining you’ll see his arm without gatling and around 2:06 you’ll see the modification for the fight.

  11. Ryan says:

    Yeh the Original gattling had a shield over it and the arm fit into it. I assumed the hand was kept attached to pull the gattlings trigger. I adore Heavyarms and i think its a cracking suit, even with its major flaw(needing ammo) i just feel it suffers from the same problem most ranged suits (Buster, Strikes Launcher Pack for examples) have is they dont fit a beam saber as standard. I know Heavyarms had its blade, and strike had its daggers, but they werent overly effective weapons and rarely used. Beam Sabers are a pretty simple addition and i think they should come as standard. I was delighted with the Virtue/Seravee units in 00 as they did have these as backups.

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