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I’m finally finalizing the final test-build post for the MG Heavy Arms. Despite building this over two days (thanks to taking two days off work due to illness) it has taken me a while to get all WIPs up (probably due to the fact I am still slightly ill). Ganbarimasu.

The first weapon you build isn’t the Gatling, but instead this rather large knife that attaches to Heavy Arms’ arm.

It’s made to fold up when not in use.

Then it’s the shield’s turn.

Easiest shield ever. Just two pieces.

Now comes the fun part. First step of the Gatling Gun involves these four pieces.

This is much easier than the four pieces that made the barrels of the Unicorn Gatlings.

Next step is to secure the barrels.

Then the scope/sight (if that is indeed what is is).

Mount that and its partner on the sides of he gun.

And voila!

Very sexy. Meaner looking than the Unicorn Gatlings if you ask me.

Now it’s time for that strip of plastic and this runner.

And its little brother.

That black strip of plastic has five metal wires inside helping it to retain its rigidity while at the same time being flexible.

However when you start to work with it it seems slightly odd.

Two plastic parts sandwich the end of the strap but there is nothing to actually secure the strap in place. Nothing is preventing the strap and the end plastic pieces from coming apart.

Then I slide some small parts onto the strap as if I was making popcorn strings for a christmas tree decoration.

Then the end is sandwiched between two pieces just like the opposite end leaving you with this.

The manual does state you can put all parts on or only as many as you wish.

Now for the ammo canistar.

That was easy.

Place one end of the strap into to the canister.

And the other end in the Gatling.

The backpack arms swing down allowing you to mount both the backpack and the canister to the suit.

However, while doing this the strap came separated from the gatling a couple of times because the stiff strap has to bend quite a bit and there is a not so small amount of resistance. Eventually I got it.

So what do I think about the MG Heavy Arms?

I’ll tell you in the review.

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  1. Syberio says:

    weellll… you didn’t point too many flaws in this one (delta plus, if you read me…) and i’m eager to receive it (at the same time as duel assault shroud)

    the seam lines on the weapons are really ugly though

    but damn this ebast looks good, i like bulky gundams

  2. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    My thinking is…. BEST EW SUIT. Gorgeous design and weapons. More MS should have giant ガトリング guns ;D ( sorry, love the way it’s pronounce it in japanese xD )

  3. Erick Hernandez says:

    Looks nice, but i will paint some of the weapon details when I get my hands on this MG 😀

  4. Ryan says:

    I agree Heavyarms is a belter, cracking looking machine. But my winning vote goes to Deathscythe Hell Custom, its a mean looking suit.

  5. Dan says:

    just the colors, many onboard weapons and yet not over the top. i like it. all the wing kits are great. bandai sure made alot of money with these kits lol you welcome.

    hope you getting better Syd

  6. chris says:

    Did any of you guys have issues with the missiles in the legs? 3 of mine were fine, but the other one isn’t… right. angle is reversed 🙁

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