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Still sick I napped for several hours, waking up to darkness. I ate a dinner I am sure was delicious though I couldn’t really taste it and then played with Gai-Gun Jr for a bit before putting her to bed and then I started on the remaining part of the Heavy Arms suit; the legs.

This part of the build predictably starts with the feet and, also predictably, these are much the same as the other MG wing kits.

The ankles were pleasantly unique.

You can see how they have the small circle pieces as well as no actual armor for the back of the ankle.

Recognize this?

And this?

Yup, it’s pretty much identical to the other MG Wing kit, not that I’m complaining.

However, the Heavy Arms differs when it comes to one important aspect – symmetry.

You can see how one side of the leg is wider than the other.

Throw on some armor.

That small piece being separate means it will be easy to detail/paint. Yay.

Then some more armor.

The small dark piece that goes on below the knee fits in really tightly and I am now wondering if I will be able to remove it when it comes time to paint this kit.

Now for a really blurry picture of the missile pods for the legs.

Using some small pieces you make the hinged doors.

And repeat, with pieces reversed, for the lower pods.

Again, painting the missiles will be easy.

Once you have one completed leg you repeat the process for the other leg.

Here’s the side skirt armor.

Quite a log of pieces there.

There’s mr. Heavy Arms, but I know you want to see him like this…


Now for a backpack.

The backpack has a set of ‘arms’ that are meant to hold the gatling and ammo drum. They are designed to be in an up positiion when not in use.

Speaking of the Gatling Gun, that and the other weapons will be in the next post.

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  1. Mike says:

    hahaha “Heavy appendages all around!”

  2. DemonDez says:

    Nice built.. And get well soon ^^

  3. Ryan says:

    Its looking excellent, ill definetly be getting one as soon as i am able. Hoping they will release a Custom ver too.

  4. chris says:


    Looks most excellent. When I got mine, I just had to build that gatling gun first and had my other kits “borrow” it first 😀 oooo Heavy Arms is already pissed that he didnt get first crack at the gun (and he’s just a torso and a head right now.

  5. Dan says:

    one of the best looking MG kits i think. first i have to still finish my MG FA Unicorn before i start MG Heavy Arms. nice work

  6. Ryan says:

    Ive only finished detailing my RG Freedom Kit(Which i utterly adore!) And i keep making excuses not to decal Epyon, its one of the more awkard kits to put the dry transfers on to. Those MG Seed kits have been Announced and i really want to get them. But i think i wanna complete my MG Wing set first, its a pride thing, i have all of the old 1/100 HG kits and i wanna finish the set.

  7. paul says:

    your missing one grey part on the left knee, hehe, better double-check

    • syd says:

      Not missing it at all. Didn’t put it on because it will be very difficult to remove later if I want to paint. I don’t know yet how I’ll get the other one off.

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