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Last week was Valentine’s Day and for those who don’t know, in Japan Valentine’s Day is an occasion for women to give chocolate to men. Yay, Valentine’s Day! There are two types of chocolate giving in Japan: Ai Choco and Giri Choco. Ai Choco is chocolate given out of love (愛 is the kanji for love), while Giri Choco is given out of a sense of duty (義理). I find Giri Choco to be the more delicious of the two (mischievous smile). In Japan, when Valentine’s Day approaches, the television will start showing more and more commercials for chocolate and many of them have people making home made chocolate goodies for their loved ones. Gai-Gun Jr. informed me several days before Valentine’s that she would be making a chocolate something for me but I don’t think she realized what that would involve. Determined to make a chocolate anything for daddy my daughter got her wish when my wife picked up a Meiji Chocolate House set.

Gai-Gun Jr. and I decided that we would put it together the Saturday following Valentine’s Day when we had more time. And we did.

Saturday evening we broke open the box and took out all the contents.

You are provided chocolate molded into the shape for the walls and chimney as well as a tube of chocolate which you need to melt and use as adhesive, and a mat to build it on. You are also given two regular Meiji Milk Chocolate bars to use as the roof.

Have I mentioned yet how much I love chocolate? Have I also mentioned how much my dentist loves my love of chocolate?

Heating the tube of liquid chocolate in a mug of hot water I applied it to edges of the walls and Gai-Gun Jr. pushed them together. This turned out to be trickier than it sounds. The chocolate in the tube had to be kept at just the right temperature in order to be used as adhesive. Too hot and it came out like water. Too cool and it didn’t come out of the tube at all. After more time than anticipated we completed the house.

Once finished we customized it by putting chocolate candies on the top.

Get your hand out of the way!

That’s better.

Fortunately for me, and even more fortunate for her, Gai-Gun Jr. doesn’t like chocolate which means I only need to fight off the wife when it comes time to eat it. Despite not wanting to eat it Gai-Gun Jr. was pretty proud and we took some pictures.

Just writing this post makes me crave chocolate and I want to get home and start nibbling.

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  1. Mike says:

    That’s nice.
    How long has the chocolate house been up without you or your wife picking at it :D.

  2. fury-s12 says:

    OMG not only is that house awesome but valentines day in japan means guys get chocolate, whens the next flight…

  3. ghostdeini says:

    whoa, gai-gun jr. looks like a female version of my younger self (my mom’s Japanese and I only got bowl haircuts <_<)

    • syd says:

      My daughter has a skin condition and in the summer she sweats a lot with her long hair and her skin gets really irritated so we cut it off last summer and it is in the process of growing back.

  4. asian1skill says:

    haha priceless. here guys get chocolates for girls but none for guys not cool lol

  5. Joe says:

    I like the Japanese tradition much better! So chocolate given out of love and chocolate given out of duty. Should not a loving husband get BOTH kinds of chocolate from a loving and dutiful wife? [/chauvinistic pig]

    I kid of course. Is Meiji chocolate any good? or is it the Hershey’s of Japan?

  6. Lawrence says:

    Aww thats sweet, in the two senses of the word. haha 🙂 You have a wonderful family and Im sure youre a great dad to gai-gun jr 🙂

  7. Scott says:

    Syd, this might be a long-shot but do you know where I could buy a Meiji Chocolate House? My autistic son has been watching a short clip on YouTube over and over for the past few weeks of someone making that house. He’s now asking for one (which is pretty cool because he doesn’t speak very well). Anyway, I’ve exhausted my google ability to find somewhere to order one. Any ideas?!?

    • syd says:

      Hi Scott,

      My wife bought it at the local supermarket. For some time after valentine’s day there were some there I haven’t seen one in a while (though I haven’t been looking). I’ll look around and see if I can find one somewhere.

      • Scott Tinnesand says:

        Hi Syd,
        Over 6 years later and I’m still using the mold from the kit you sent to make my son the chocolate house. Your generosity has been appreciated over and over for 6 years!

        Do you happen to know if Meiji still makes the house during Valentines Day? Ours is getting very worn and I’m thinking we’ll need another one before too long. Just curious if you happened to know – their webpage doesn’t show anything and both eBay and Amazon are a dead end.

        Thanks again for the help!


      • S2 says:

        Hi Scott,

        Wow, that kit has a long shelf life. 😉

        I’m not in Japan anymore but I know people who are. Let me ask around. May not have an answer for you until closer to Valentine’s though.

  8. มาย says:

    I want to know where to buy them a photo of me with the answer.

  9. มาย says:

    this might be a long-shot but do you know where I could buy a Meiji Chocolate House?

  10. solowing666 says:

    Hmm… I wonder if the packaging can be reused as molding for a new house. Need to think of other way for the roof, though

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