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I’m really excited about the MG Duel Gundam Assault Shroud. It seems I’ve been building MG Wing Kits for forever and it’s time for a change. SEED suit designs being some of my favourite I’m eager to get started on this big bad blue boy.

Box art looks awesome. I like how they’ve got the Assault Shroud and Shroudless version together. I actually prefer the look of the kit without the Assault Shroud but the illustration is magnificent.

Box Contents:

It’s your standard size MG box. Looking at this kit I am reminded of the MG Full Armor Gundam or maybe the MG Blue Astray.

Plenty of markings!


I like this style of manual with the suit on a white background. Inside the manual is even cooler.

The manual starts with the suit then proceeds to the weapons. Once that is done, you get to do this:

The Assault Shroud.

If it rains on Saturday I will start on the Duel Gundam. If it is sunny on Saturday I will paint more of my Heavy Arms (and start on the Duel Gundam). Gonna be a good weekend.

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  1. Mark says:

    Wow, the boxart is awesome!!! XD and so is the kit!

  2. OJ says:

    I noticed some dry transfers, but are the rest of the markings stickers?

  3. Jeff says:

    Do you mark the MG release dates on your calendar or something? It seems like you always have a post like this right at their release date.

  4. Joe says:

    @Jeff, well he DOES work at HLJ…

    Hey Syd, I could see this being the War Machine to your Iron Man ReZel!

    • syd says:

      No, I’m not going to use this kit for a War Machine. I don’t know if I will do a war machine build as I’ve already moved on to other ideas and things I want to try. I already have something I want to try with this kit but I’ll do the straight test-build first and go from there.

  5. Busterbeam says:

    man im so jealous. ive got a really good feeling about this kit.

  6. fury-s12 says:

    why do i not remember this in seed lol

  7. Dan says:

    kit does look good. damn bandai for making great kits this early in the year. i just bought all 5 wing kits at once now i have to start buying seed kits lol. oh and age kits. good thing i make good money lol

  8. Skyshadow says:

    Syd, you are a lucky duckling to work at hlj….. I must find a way to take your place… >:)

  9. glaurung says:

    Very nice quick look, I just paid for my kit. Though it’s going to be a few weeks before it gets here from Japan. Once you get deeper into the kit, can we get some extra information on the new X-SEED runner, since I expect we’ll be seeing that one throughout the year in all the new SEED gunpla.

  10. sonar says:

    Last SEED kit = Sword Impulse?
    This should be interesting.

  11. pat says:

    hey syd, is the box for duel assualt the same size as the MG epyon EW?

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