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I finished up the MG Duel Gundam suit but still have the weapons and Assault Shroud to go. Without the Shroud it’s still pretty great

For the feet you start with this runner.

That makes perfect sense!

The feet aren’t complicated at all, each one comprised of eight parts.

The joint in the foot is actually close to the toes rather that in the center of the foot which means..

There is some great flexibility.

With the feet done we build both legs. As the legs are symmetrical you build both at the same time.

Here’s the start of the frame for the upper leg.

This was interesting.

This piece is what you attach the knee armor onto. You can see there is a tiny, piston-like piece that needs to be put attached before putting the part in place with the rest of the frame.

Then the lower frame armor is used and you can see how that piston-like piece fits inside.

When the knee is bent you can see how said piece moves.

From there the large armor pieces for the thighs are put in place while more frame is attached to the lower part of the leg.

Then the armor for the lower leg are attached and the ankle joint is also assembled.

I gotta say that the armor on the side of the knees doesn’t seem to fit into place well. It stays on without problem but there is some gap there and you, or I rather, feel that it doesn’t fit properly and I want to push it into place more which results in the plastic stressing. Go gentle here.

The armor for the lower leg and the knee are next.

Then the hip joint. There is no poly-cap in this part of the assembly.

The hip joint is the only part of the build which the manual differentiates right from left and this is because the joint isn’t symmetrical.

Add the feet.


The final part of the suit assembly is the torso starting with the hip joints.

Enter the poly-cap.

Throw on more frame and its corresponding armor piece.

Then the pieces for the side armor.

The front skirts are pretty unique.

Two frame parts are used to make a swivel joint then the armor is added.

This then slides onto the frame from above very similar to how the frames on the MG Wing kits are done.

The bottom half.

Two halves make a whole.

I’ll just let some pictures do the talking from here on.

Does this guy even need his Shroud?

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  1. Brian says:

    Wow looks like Bandai is focusing on playability with the new SEED MGs.

  2. Mathias says:

    in my opinion without the shroud this kit is pretty much perfect except for the pretty bad nubs in some places.
    the wasit cant rotate all the way around but really, who needs that? and other than that you really do get a very impressive range of articulation.
    it just looks a little bland without the assault shroud though in my opinion. but thats not an issze with the kit itself, its simply the fault of its colorscheme 😛

  3. kolinsky says:

    same feet and ankle with the Strike right?

    anywho… I cant wait to get my hands on this kit!

  4. Dingo says:

    Talking about proportion, how is this fare with the old Strike Gundam? In the anime, all the 1st 5 gundams would share the same framework (the 3 astray gundams framework should be resemblant too, but with a bit of variations). And to lots of others’ opinion, the strike gundam (MG) was not too good at proportion (compared to the Strike Freedom, Freedom, or even the other Strike variation: Strike Noir). I was thinking of getting this baby, but I’m a sucker for cool proportion, so I’m hanging at the moment. 🙁

  5. buzz87 says:

    I’m curious about the armor color. is it light blue? so this whole time I’ve been wrong! haha…..
    i thought duel’s color scheme was white and blue.

  6. kharidhz says:

    Wow… nice gundam, cant wait to buy it this weekend… ;D

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