Gaijin Gunpla

This is a good kit. These days I allot myself a certain amount of time each evening or so to build Gundam but the Duel has had me sitting down for longer periods than usual and enjoying every minute of it.

The head assembly starts with these two pieces and their little friend, the poly-cap.

Then I slide in the clear piece with face and foil stickers adhered and some armor for the sides.

You can see that there is an opening in the armor for the sides of the head that lines up with the tiny piece of plastic that protrudes from the first head parts. Painting these little vents a separate color, or even using Gundam Marker, should be pretty easy.

Next is the visor and you can see how the vulcans slide into the visor from behind before finishing it up with the V-fin. Painting these vulcans will be no problem as well.

Now that’s a head.

When building the arms, as in many master grades, you build two at the same time.

First the shoulder joints.

Then the elbow joints.

Then the rest of the arm frames.

Even the armor is applied the same to both arms.

Check out the range of motion in the elbows with armor on.

If I recall correctly the manual doesn’t differentiate between right and left arm assembly until you get to the hands.

These hands are the same as the hands on last year’s Wing Gundam and other kits. I still am not sold on this design. Admittedly, the 2.0 hands were lacking when it came to posing them with clenched fists. While this design gives you the clenched-fist look it does make things more clumsy when it comes to posing the kits with weapons in general. I guess I can’t have everything.

The shoulders, like the arms, are both built at the same time without distinction for right or left.

First these two pieces are snapped together.

Then the frame is completed with a poly-cap in place.

Then the armor is constructed from two different colors.

And the blue piece is inserted into the poly-cap.

And here he is.

There is something on this kit though that is kinda bothering me. I am contemplating making some changes to the design before painting.

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  1. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    I actually like the design, I just hate the AS extra armor color. For me it would look a hella lot better with a darker blue. It’s easy for me to imagine this in the Full Armor Gundam colors 🙂

  2. fury-s12 says:

    Wow that head looks like it should be easier to remove panel lines the an usual on 🙂

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