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Apologies again to everyone for my bit of an absence. I caught the flu that was going around and it took its toll on me. Having a child in preschool means she will bring home lots of cute little art, scribbly drawings, and various illnesses. Two days ago my house looked like an infirmary. Fortunately for me, I had already built what I am showing now.

With the suit itself done I move onto the Duel’s weapons which means taking out this runner.

Assembly is fairly simple, as one would expect.

One thing worth noting here is the scope for the rifle and its cover.

That little cover is made to flip up and down and isn’t secured very well. I found it on the carpet as I was playing cards with Gai-Gun Jr. long after I had put the kit away.

Onto the cannon!

Starting off with these pieces you assemble the ammo housing (for lack of a better word.)

Then the barrel.

You’ll notice there is one clear piece in there.

The manual states you are to put on some stickers but I left them off for now.

On either side of the cannon is one of these.

I put them on leaving a gap so I could take them off easily later on. The fit is really tight so I was worried about disassembling it if I pushed it all the way in.

Now just attach the ammo pack.


The shield is very straight forward with no surprises.

But looks cool nonetheless.

Onto the back of the shield you attach all the handles.



Next up, that Shroud thingy everyone’s talking about.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Looking good Syd. I dunno why people have a go at the Assault Shroud armor, i think its cracking looking 😛

    • Dennis says:

      Ryan, it looks great on, plain and simple. I haven’t built mine yet but there was one on display last weekend in a case at my local hobby shop and looked great.

  2. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    One thing I def’ look about your blog Syd, it’s the way and the stuff you writes. Your words on small children are so true 🙂

  3. Ryan says:

    Just glad to have somewhere to discuss Gunpla. After 72 builds its bout time i started giving an opinion.

  4. Skyshadow says:

    Nice…. Unfortunately, i have been ill to… Its has been painful… How is the weather in japan?

  5. Dan says:

    looks so awesome without the extra armor.

  6. Dennis says:

    This kit is awesome in person, wasn’t sure about the color of the shroud at first, but I like it.

  7. Ben says:

    heum anyone can clear what the deal is with the bazooka, don’t recall one… oh and is the shield build (and other elements) redundant(like exactly the same part built) from the old MG strike and co from a few years back?

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