Gaijin Gunpla

Certainly the new HGUC MSN-001 Delta Gundam is pretty much the same kit as the previously released HGUC Delta Plus kit. So why pick it up?

I haven’t worked on a gold-plated kit since the MG Musha MK II and even then I took all that gold off.

Box art is looking really sharp. That gold sure makes those sharp lines stand out.

Box Contents:

Three runners of gold-plated parts (more on those in a bit) plus the frame/weapon runners, etc., but there’s some surprises in here.

A little ad for the kit that will be included with the May issue of Dengeki Hobby. Kestrel fans, don’t miss out.

Oh? What’s this?

It’s a code for a mission and a free playable character for the Gundam UC PS3 game. Swag!


Here’s some foil stickers for ya.

But back to those gold-plated runners.

The big question most of us had was how are the runners constructed. Key word being ‘undergate’. Well I am glad to inform everyone that, yup, these runners are undergated.

Bravo, Bandai!

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  1. Mathias says:

    i think with a 4200 yen high grade (3360 yen at my favorite shop in the world! ;D) you can expect a little more luxury, like undergating^^ and im glad to see that it really is the case!
    i would have loved to see this on other kits as well, like my titanium finish MG unicorn… the cut marks are really nasty on that one :c

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Syd,

    Are all the gold parts undergated or just certain ones?


  3. Mark says:

    Hey syd, is it possible to paint using acrylics on that gold coating? Will the paint turn out weird?

    • Dingo says:

      I think the paint would not stick. Just like gundam musha mk 2 from Syd, he had to strip the plated gold in order to repaint another color.

      • Mark says:

        So if i want to spray paint it, i have to strip down all that gold!!?? 🙁

      • iZaku says:

        is it ok to spray clear lacquer paint or gloss coat on it?

      • syd says:

        With the mekki plating I don’t see a reason to use top-coat but if you did want to spray I think a gloss coat would go on fine. My advice would be to try spraying a gloss coat on some of the used runner that you no longer need and see what affect it has.

  4. Skyshadow says:

    Wow syd… So many gunpla! Can u even finish?

  5. Dingo says:

    @Mark: Apparently, yes.

  6. Meh says:

    I’m so glad I bought this.
    Lots of people were complaining about the price, saying its not worth it.
    The undergates make it worth it IMO.

  7. RigShokew says:

    I wonder if the “Shiki” symbol from Hyaku Shiki looks good for Delta Gundam…

    i have a spare from the extra Hyaku Shiki from “HGUC hyaku Shiki + Mega bazooka Launcher”

    and will this this MS looks good with the Clay Bazooka and Mega Bazooka Launcher ? gotta get one to find out hahaha!

  8. ClayCannonII says:

    Do you know if hlj will be selling said issue of Dengeki Hobby or at least that runner for non-Japanese residents?

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