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Okay, so I haven’t finished the MG Duel Gundam Assault Shroud. (Actually, I have. I just haven’t written the latest post yet.)  But I can do two things at once.  (Actually, starting on the MG AGE-1 Normal brings my currently-in-progress builds to four –  FA Unicorn, Heavy Arms, Duel Gundam, and the AGE-1.  Maybe I’ll finish something some day.)

I love myself some Master Grades but even so, I must admit to feeling a little burnt out after all the Wing EW kits.  Luckily for me 2012 brings two new MGs that are different not only from each other but also the kits I have been building recently.  But how is the AGE-1 different?

Taking the box home I was able to take the runners out of the bags and get some shots of the stickers and the various poly-caps.

You can see it comes with enough markings but also two sheets of foils and the black stickers for the knee. While I do think this is a bit of a fail, I also understand the reason behind it as there are no other black areas on the kit from what I can tell.

The second set of foils are for use with the green clear parts found in the head and chest.

Here’s the poly-cap runner. Having built plenty of Master Grades in my time I can tell just by looking at the runner that there are some noticeable differences in the joints of the AGE-1.

For example, these rather unique creatures.

As well as these.

So let’s start the build.

First part of the build has you already working with poly-caps.

You can see how they are pretty precise in how they are appled.

This piece is actually for the lower part of the torso and it too utilizes a poly-cap.

Here are the pieces which make up the torso frame.

Check out the cavity in the central torso piece.

Here’s the frame together.

Notice how there are no shafts for the arms. I did, too!

Instead you use these previously shown poly-caps along with some small frame parts.

Attaching them to the frame you can see how they articulate.

Next up is the cockpit.

Check out the details on the 1/100 figures.

Now with armour!

The grill of this vehicle is made up of these parts.

As well as these tiny things.

Everything attaches from the back though the yellow parts are just laid into place and I found them popping out when I tried to pick up the blue piece to attach the frame parts. My advice is to do the yellow parts last.

Here’s the collar. A frame piece is used here as well.

Now for some fun. (I’m being sarcastic.)

Should you want to, you can place the small, hard to manage foil onto the clear green part. Getting this to line up properly was no easy task.

That said, the foil is actually behind the green piece when you put that section together so even if it isn’t lined up perfectly for the most part it is unnoticeable.

Then attach that and a white piece of armor to the cockpit.

This then flips up and slides into the torso. It even clicks into place securely.

The lower torso is completed with these two parts.

That car spoiler-like backpack is next.

It’s actually quite easy. Just a few parts

And.. um.. wait a minute. I don’t have a pic of the completed torso? Oh well, onto the head!

First use these three parts.

And now the other clear green part which means, you guessed it, more foils.

Like the clear piece for the torso the foils for the head go on the back of the clear piece.

Then the stickers are applied to the front. They are small.

Then I grab the armor pieces I will need.

And we’re done.

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  1. glaurung says:

    Nice build post! I like how this new breed of MG looks and reading up on some Japanese blogs it appears that it could be a fun build, but the end result does not seem worth it. Do the foil stickers behind the clear green pieces really have the effect that the designers intended? Also, the most boring cockpit mechanism ever?

  2. Ben says:

    Hi there, could you confirm whether or not the MG comes with a white piece to cover the torso piece like the HG for it to look like it does in the season 2? Most people realised what that white piece was for after episode 22 and I feel its a nice touch that it was included from the start. I was wondering whether the Megasize and the MG had that piece too. (btw that should increase the extra points for the hg 😉 )

    • syd says:

      Hi Ben,

      I don’t see an extra white piece anywhere like you describe. I wasn’t even aware there was one for the HG! I learned something today.

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