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It seems like it has been weeks since I worked on the AGE-1 but we all know that isn’t the case. Actually, it seems like it has been weeks since I posted about the AGE-1 and that is closer to the truth. The torso and head of the AGE-1 Normal were fairly simple yet intriguing and now we find out if the next part of the build follows that story arc.

First off are the shoulders.

Each shoulder consists of four parts and while not the same as most shoulders we’ve seen before there’s nothing mind-blowing about the assembly.

I do like the gap that is left between the larger armor piece and the others.

The next step is the upper arm which consists of a poly-cap inserted into a frame piece followed by two almost identical armor pieces.

Here’s a shot of how snug that poly-cap is.

The lower arm is mostly one big armor piece with which slides onto the frame. One smaller armor piece is also utilized.

Then a poly-cap is inserted from the top and another armor piece is attached to secure it inside.

The upper section of the forearm is more of the same – armor slid onto a frame with an extra piece.

The actual shoulder joint is a poly-cap sandwich but with an extra small frame piece included. Normally you’ll see three parts for a shoulder joint but this one has four.

The elbow joint reminds me of an HG elbow joint.

With everything done the arm is ready for final assembly.

Then come the hands and the first step for those are the wrist joints.

You can see how the lower peg swivels. There is a fair bit of play here.

Then comes the fingers, which are one solid piece, and the thumb which is actually two pieces.

Two parts for a thumb? That’s not something I’m familiar with in the land of MG models.

With the thumb and wrist joint in place the armor part secures everything together.

Then the fingers clip in.

Not bad.

There’s quite a range of motion in this here arm.

Now that the shoulder and arm are completed it’s just a matter of getting them on the frame. For that you need two more pieces.

You can see the small frame part has a peg on it. Well that is how the arm attaches to the torso.

The shoulder is meant to slide onto the small frame piece followed by the arm joint.

I did find it hard to apply enough pressure to the parts to get them securely in place because the shoulder assembly would get in the way. To make my life easier I took the shoulder off and only used one small part of it.

And once it was in place I could reattach the rest of the shoulder.

While I was at it I constructed the neck. Yup. You have to construct the neck on the MG AGE-1 Normal. It is two parts plus a poly-cap.

Then I could put on the head.

“I’m just gonna stretch out a little here…”

Tune in two weeks from now and miss next week’s episode of MG AGE!

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  1. ChopperDave says:

    Damn, you are making me want to buy this. Don’t you know I have to pay my rent! T.T

  2. Dingo says:

    Seems like this kit build and frame design is pretty refreshing

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