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In the latest episode of the continuing saga of a New Master Grade Model our hero finds himself unable to stand on his own to his lack of lower appendages. Luckily for him someone is there to help him out.

So ya, to build the legs I gotta start with the feet and those start with these four pieces.

Three frame pieces and a poly-cap. This poly-cap isn’t used as one would expect in a foot assembly.

The poly-cap is actually placed on top of a frame part and then sandwiched between the two larger foot frame pieces.

This leaves the frame part under the poly-cap to move freely with nothing impeding it. Quite a great idea if you ask me.

From there the rear part of the foot is assembled.

And then the front portion of the foot is added via a poly-cap similar to how a HG is put together.

The ankle armor is also very HG-ish while the ankle joint is just two pieces.

Now for the leg! And it’s notably different from other MG frames.

The first step is to put two pieces together with a poly-cap in between. They actually go together as a top and bottom half rather than two sides.

Then the first of the armor is applied. It consists of four pieces – two sides, and a front and back.

The lower frame is next and again it’s different from anything I’ve seen before.

First step is to insert a poly-cap into the bottom half of the lower leg frame. The poly-cap is actually inserted from the rear instead of being sandwiched between frame pieces as we have seen so many times before.

Then the top, large frame part is attached.

From there the hip joint is assembled.

The poly-cap is actually slid onto a peg and then flipped around and then the other frame part put in place. The result is a very sturdy joint.

From there the knee joint is assembled. Similar to other MGs and even HGs poly-caps are used as hinges and two sides complete the joint.

Then the knee joint is pushed up into the poly-cap in the upper thigh.


Now for the armor on the lower leg.

First front and back armor for the shin and the frame for the knee is attached.

Then two sides and a front and back.

Bendy (even with armor).

It’s quite cool! Right?! Hey, I’m over here.

Repeat the process for the second leg and then our hero is saved!

With the legs on you can proceed to the side skirts.

You can see the small frame part that clips onto the cylinder part of the lower frame and then flips over to hold the beam saber handles.

Speaking of Beam Sabers, here they are.

But AGE-1 Normal has other weapons, too. Let’s build them!

Here’s the frame for the rifle and shield.

Rifle Step 1:

Rifle Step 2:

Rifle Step 3:

You can see how the green effect part is held in place by the armor piece that is dropped on from above.

Rifle Step 4:

Rifle Step 5:

Rifle Step 6:

Put the two parts together and…

Notice how much movement there is in the handle of the rifle? This is important.

Shield Step 1:

Shield Step 2:

The little part on the back of the shield is the same as that on the end of the handle on the rifle. These easily clip into the hollow on the lower part of the arms’ frame armor.

What a unique experience. I’ll speak more about it in the review soon.

For now, I think I’ve seen enough of the AGE-1 Normal.

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