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Quick Japanese lesson! The kanji 上 means up, above, high, etc. and is pronounced うえ (oo e), or じょう (jou) as part of a compound, あげ (a ge) when in verb form, and I’ve also seen it pronounced かみ (kami) as part of a name. It is used in literature to designate the upper, or first portion, of something. Usually large novels in Japan come as two books, probably because they are easier to carry on public transportation. The first half of the novel is 上 and so is the first half of my Banshee WIP. And as a little pun, I’m showing the upper half of the kit. As I’ve built this kit three times now, and most everyone is familiar with the MG Unicorn, I won’t go into too much depth on the build but I will highlight in detail the differences found with the MG Banshee.

I wanted to show this runner to point out how the gate marks are handled. There has been some displeasure voiced about the color, which I will agree with, but on the positive side of things, the way the parts are used and the gate marks are placed you could paint these parts whatever gold you desire while still on the runner and won’t have to worry much about gate marks when it comes time to remove them.

Here are the markings. Plenty of markings though I suspect I may only use the dry transfers.

Orange psycho frame. I kinda like it. Orange being my favourite colour I don’t have any problems with this psycho frame though it does seem less vibrant, or maybe just more transparent, than the red or green frames.

Here is the completed torso. Different parts are used for the center hatch to accommodate the gold piece placed there as well as the top of the torso. As the Banshee has that gold collar on the top of the torso, a new upper torso armor part was supplied to go with the gold collar part.

Not sure yet if I like the gold face mask. If I don’t, there is the original Unicorn armor face mask on the runner. I can just swap for that one.

And here is that big Banshee horn. The base is shaped differently than the smaller prong found on the Unicorn. There’s a small edge of plastic extending from the back of it that fits into a groove on the orange psycho frame part used for the top of the head.

Then these two pieces are used. You can see how you would be able to paint these while still on the runner.

Get your tweezers out. These tiny suckers are hard to get in place.

There you go.

But there’s one part left!

This part is supposed to have the supplied sticker placed over top (you can see the instruction manual in the shot). I’m not a fan of using stickers in this way so I’ll leave it off and maybe have to do some masking/painting later on.

I have brought you the head of the elusive creature known as the Banshee.

Here’s a look at the armor pieces which weren’t used.

The arms are assembled the same as the MG Unicorn’s.

Up to a point…

Look at these armour pieces. Huge!

Instead of the smaller flaps used as armor for the Unicorn (and to which you attached the unicorn shield) you get these monsters. Here’s a pic of the parts you don’t use.

Once you get the first part done you create this little mechanism.

Lay the mechanism into an armor piece then secure it in place with the opposing side’s armor.

You can see it flips up.

More new psycho frame parts!

Two of these.

Then two of these.

These are then attached to that arm thing you just built.

Big and bulky. Kinda un-Unicornish if you ask me.

You can see the little hollow that will accommodate the hand when the weapon is brought down

Then the other arm…

For this side you use these small psycho frame parts.

And small armor parts.

You can see how that claw folds up.

Then you build this thing.

You end up with this thing!

Which is then attached to the arm.

Here are the assembled arms.

I mean, I think they are arms. They don’t resemble arms, though.

Shoulders are exactly the same as the MG Unicorn from what I can tell.

That wraps up the first half of the Banshee WIP. Next time will be the 下 or lower half of the kit. It’s not as radically different from the Unicorn as the top half but there are some differences worth highlighting.

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  1. fury-s12 says:

    whilst im not a fan of the banshee, that orange is epic when it catches sunlight so bright and neon 😀 cant wait for someone to build one packed with leds will looks crazy

  2. Skyshadow says:

    Black and sexy…. Yep. Hey Syd, whatbare the extra parts for?

    • syd says:

      They are used for the unicorn. Bandai included an extra runner rather than redesign the previous Unicorn runners.

      • Mathias says:

        i really like that. as far as i have seen it is possbible to build it as the ver.ka design instead of the OVA design!
        just build the arms like the unicorn and leave out the new weapons and use the other collar and cockpit-hatch pieces. then give it the shield and swipe a beam magnum from your full armor unicorn.

  3. Ryan says:

    Loving it already! That large claw is damn sexy! Any other differences structurally from past unicorns? Any improvements?

    • syd says:

      There’s nothing really knew when it comes to the design just some different, Banshee-specific parts are included.

      • Ryan says:

        Hi Syd, thanks for replying.

        Does the kit seem sturdy when transformed, id heard they had made a few improvements in the releases after the first unicorn, but after seeing how loose and unsure the kit felt i was really put off.

      • syd says:

        I find the Unicorn kits (haven’t built the Ver. Ka mind yo) to be fairly sturdy… when in Unicorn Mode. Once you extend the already long legs and expand the torso while making it stand on high heels with those feet it becomes a little less stable.

  4. Syberio says:

    after seeing the latest gunplaTV, i must admit that there aren’t any photos that render the psychoframe color correctly… on most pictures it looks yellow while it actually is very orange so, kudos to that!

    the rail gun looking thing on the right arm is cool but i’m not a fan of that huge boxing glove (i think i’m gonna call it “the Tex Avery Gundam” ^^

    can’t wait to see the lower parts of the build

  5. Kim says:

    The thing on its right arm look more like a chop-stick than a weapon.

  6. Fred says:

    It’s kinda funny that in the original novel version, the Banshee’s headpiece isn’t black, it’s gold with the rest of the v-fin. I think it looks better that way…

  7. tabris says:

    does painting the psycho part with clear paint interrupts the glowing?

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