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I’m a Gundam UC fan. I won’t deny. Even so, I held off when the HGUC Destroy Mode and Unicorn Mode Banshees hit the shelves. But now that the Banshee is available as a Master Grade kit, I can wait no longer.

Digging the box art. Normally I prefer the Unicorn Mode for the Unicorn Gundam but for the Banshee the opposite is the case, the Destroy Mode is king.


Box Contents

There’s a lot of dark things in this box.

Which makes the psycho frame parts stand out even more.

The amount of markings they give you seem meager compared to what we have seen in the Unicorn Ver. Ka and Full Armor Unicorn Ver. Ka.

I just had a day off but now I really want another.

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  1. Syberio says:

    i don’t know for you, but i don’t like that translucent yellow… it doesn’t look as good as the red frame on the white unicorn… or maybe it’s because it’s too transparent… i don’t know 😛

    but that suit will look really baad ass with a flat black paint job and shiny gold inner and psycho frame

    (btw, it looks like a lobster with that huge claw ^^)

  2. kharidhz says:

    i dont like it too…. especially the horn n also something at his neck…. is should not be yellow, but gold plate…. not happy with this model……..

  3. Riku says:

    I totally agree with Syberio. I think the translucent yellow looks dark. It could have been better with a neon orange or neon yellow to make it really pop out. The Unicorn seems to have much greater contrast than the Banshee.

    The weapon set is cool, but the claw reminds me of the EW Shenlong. Someone should do a build with a Gundam Shenlong color scheme. =p

  4. ClayCannonII says:

    I agree but I’m still going to get it

  5. Brian says:

    Hey Syd, I know that the Psychoframe will have the light-up gimmick under black light but can you find out if that effect will still be there if you topcoat the Psychoframe gloss? I’m definitely getting this but I’m a bit curious about this. I want my lightup gimmick while not looking like plastics :p

  6. cipher says:

    there a lots of clear orange…
    wow for the legs too
    wow that sold me soo much

  7. Ryan says:

    Wouldnt mind some of that for my Epyon, looks great. But i think id be a little embarrassed to own a blacklight, its very batman and robin 😛

  8. ClayCannonII says:

    Hey Syd-sensei,
    Do you know if it is compatible with the MS cage in the Unicorn set

  9. Ryan says:

    I absolutely love this version of the unicorn. I havent bought one yet as my friends one really put me off, seemed so frail when transformed. But the weaponry and over the top headcrest, coupled with the badass paint scheme make this a serious contender for my first.

  10. RigShokew says:

    Does the kit include Unicorn’s beam magnum and Hyper bazooka?

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