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I have been dropping pics on the Gaijin Gunpla Facebook Page of my Heavy Arms as I’ve been painting it, but I kept some things under wraps. Well, now it’s time to reveal what I’ve been up to in my laboratory (read as the kitchen table).

I added some markings using the dry transfers and some of the stickers that came with the kit. The dry transfers are meant for the Heavy Arms and the stickers Bandai includes with their MG (and RG) kits now are of really good quality and go on well so I don’t have a problem using them. With the markings on Heavy Arms looks like this.

Some of them are difficult to see and some don’t show until you open up the missile pod hatches. You can see I finally got those antennae things back on his head. I had kept them off because I was painting them.

Yup, masking.

As a straight build the weapons and back pack look like this.

It’s kind of cool when the gatling is mounted on the back but when you place the gun in Heavy Arms’ hand it looks kind of empty back there. Add to that the fact that putting the Gatling in the hand can be cumbersome I decided I wanted to do something different when it came to the weapons.

My first idea was to use the shield as a platform onto which to mount the Gatling.

But how to do so?

Well, I do know that the gun mounts easily to the backpack thanks to the part they use on the arms so I ordered a spare set to play around with.

It attaches to the bottom of the gun and is quite secure.

I also decided I wanted to mount the ammo canister in a different position on the backpack. Being a guy who likes symmetry (most times) I thought this looked better.

Could I do the same with the ammo canister as I did with the gatlings?

Starting with the Gatling/shield combo I starting modding plastic (meaning I hacked things up).

Add some model cement…

Well, that was easy.

But the ammo canister didn’t happen the same way. Instead, what I did was drill a hole in the backpack with the plan being to use a small length of metal rod to hold the canister on the backpack.

Before I could drill the hole in the canister I had to remove some things.

Then sand it down, although this being on the underside I probably could have gotten away with not sanding anything.

Then I was able to line up the canister and approximate where the hole should be.

Here goes nothing.


Now to do something about that ugly seam line. Here comes a whole lotta glue.

In trying to get the canister apart for gluing a piece shattered in my hand.

I considered ordering a replacement but seeing as I already had the glue out I glued it back together. And the next day sanded down the seam.

Looking good so far.

View from above.

Now, if you look carefully at the last pic you will notice the the arms of the backpack which are used to hold the canister and gatlings are backwards. Why is that? Well you could ask why use them at all if you no longer need to mount the weapons there but my plan was to add a little bit of firepower to an already powerful suit and these arms are perfect.

Enter the FA Unicorn grenade launchers.

My idea was to mount them on the backpack over the shoulders using the arms, similar to what Jeff did with his FA Unicorn. I would just like to point out that I had this idea in my head before seeing Jeff’s Unicorn so I did not steal it, but I was reassured it would look badass when I saw his work.

Some more hacking was involved.

Then some more.

From there I sanded the edges down and then glued them to the backpack arms.

With the planned modifications completed the next step was painting and markings. I decided to use Semi-Gloss Black for the Gatling and Canister while using Dark Gun Metal for the shoulder Grenade Launchers and ammo strap.

Here is the Gatling Gun with markings on.

And the shield.

And here is the ammo canister.

I opted to use the spare ‘H’ dry transfer that Bandai included.

Here is the backpack.

I wanted to have markings on this but wasn’t sure what to use as I was pretty much out of dry transfers, so I turned to the sticker sheet which had some good sized stickers that were originally meant for the shield. I had to modify them a little.

Out of curiousity I moved the arms in the down position…

and tried to put the backpack on so the grenade launchers would be under the arms but the alignment wasn’t correct and it didn’t fit. Oh well. I never wanted it that way to begin with. Though, if I were to swap sides for the arms it might work. Hmm…

Backpack with ammo canister attached.

But will it everything work when it is attached to the Heavy Arms? That is the question. I had to find out.

From my perch I survey my domain. I am king of the laundry!

Now to take this to the photo booth and get some good shots to make a gallery. Speaking of galleries, the last one I put up was six months ago! What have I been doing?!

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  1. Mike says:

    Great modifications and paintjob.

    The heavy arms just got more heavely armed lol.
    Will you have pictures of it in full open mode ?

    • syd says:

      Hi Mike,

      I’ll have it in full open mode for some pictures. I made sure that the over the shoulder grenade launchers did not interfere with the ability of the missile hatches to open. Well, I made sure before I glued and painted it.

  2. Dennis says:

    Not a fan of all the orange, and this me an idea for doing my own urban military scheme on mine once I build it up.

  3. Paulo951 says:

    Nice!! Liking the colours chosen and the mods. I’d say its ten times easer posing the gun with the drum in the middle giving the belt that much more room.

  4. Jeff says:

    Syd, yet again you have put anything I could ever hope to accomplish to shame. Now where’s that MG Duel review?

    • syd says:

      Don’t be so quick to heap praise, Jeff. Once you see the gallery shots you’ll notice all my mistakes. I didn’t intend to do as much work on this project as I ended up doing. I originally was just experimenting with different paints. The backpack was more of a test towards another project I am working on.

  5. fury-s12 says:

    so glad you did this, that color scheme is exactly what the heavy arms needed and the gatling mod is a great touch i just finished the unicorns dual gatling shelid last night and am a fan of that weapon/sheild combo

  6. SiegeStryke (Jeff) says:

    Glad to see the shoulder cannon mod worked out for you. I’ve been looking forward to see it since you told me you were thinking about doing it.

  7. ClayCannonII says:

    You know if I could order parts, I’d mod the heck out of my gunpla too :p…….nice job though

  8. Ryan says:

    Hi Syd. I was very impressed by your mods to the kid, the cannons and remounting the ammo cannister are genius. And regarding those considering modding. A Interesting experiment ive been working on is taking apart a couple of kits from the same line, in this case a 1/144 impulse gundam parts of a broken Strike Noir and Strike Freedom and with some modding, filing, and soon painting, come up with some new idea’s. The 1/144 Impulse and SF were pretty unimpressive, so i decided to make them a little more interesting.

    One is your standard Hero type gundam with a custom shield/bladed weapon. And beam rifle with a mounted Bayonette. The other kit is a long range Artillery unit with SF hip cannons and the wings modded into over the shoulder cannons. He also has a double barrelled beam rifle and large shield for defense.

    I made the custom weapon by mounting the blades of a strike noir onto impulses closed shield in a scissor shape, making a exia like heavy blade. Im pretty happy with the build results so far, just racking my brain on paint schemes. I can link pics if anyone is curious. And forgive my rambling 😛

    • Dingo says:

      Hi Ryan,

      Do you have a blog or photo sharing of some short? I am really interested in seeing your moded kit, since I have quite a few broken kits (due to fail modding attempts ToT).


      • Ryan says:

        Hi Dingo,

        I dont have a blog but i have uploaded a few pictures for you. My Camera is broken, so i have had to use my mobile phone, so forgive the quality. I have 2 Models ive been tampering with in my free time. Keep in mind the kits are unpainted and still a little colourful as they are assembled from different kits. I havent finished them in any way, so they are a little messy. I’ll need to nail down paint schemes for the models, in thinking maybe darker colours for the long range build. Ive no names for either of them currently, i fear that might take longer than anything else :D.
        There are the 2 kits together.
        This is your standard hero type unit, I mounted the bayonet to the beam rifle as i always liked the idea. The large blade has a handle from a old broken shield for grip, and the blades are fixed in position.
        Making use of the spare SF parts i decided to make the long range units cannons launch as fin funnels so he’s not just limited to a purely long range form.
        The beam rifle is being built from both of the SF beam rifles, i will finish the grip so it joins with the lower barrel.
        I’m still deciding wether to keep the Impulse flight back or alter it in some way.

        All 3 kits i got the majority of the parts from were broken in some way when i decided to make something of them, They are still a work in progress, and im progressing slowly on them as new idea’s come to me.

        So please tell me what you think, and be honest 🙂

  9. Ryan says:

    I notice the links i posted are a little unreliable, so here they are in order via another host: The 2 Together Hero Unit Cannons Rifle Hero Unit 2

  10. sonar says:

    It’s been a minute between builds but I’m sure glad to see you up to your old tricks.. and some new ones! Awesome mods, and what a killer pallette for this suit! Lokking forward to the gallery.

  11. Hypnos says:

    Great job syd, the color that you decided to use feel just great on a gung-ho Gundam like heavy arms, i would have made a bit of camo on the green parts tough :P.

    Hey, i got a question, do you know if HLJ is going to sell the Kits that are going to be sold on the Gundam Front expo ? i really want to buy the HG Strike Freedom GFT version, but i have 0 chances of going to that expo xD.

    This is the kit that i´m talking about

    Keep up the good work Syd, Tell Ryan that im eager to see that Millenium Falcon completed !

  12. CarlLewisC says:

    what grit sand paper did you use?

  13. ClayCannonII says:

    What kind of glue do you use?

  14. Busterbeam says:

    wow man this is pretty sick. this might be one of my favourite things that you’ve ever done. top quality work!

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