Gaijin Gunpla

The Duel Gundam itself is one fun build but the inclusion of the Assault Shroud makes this build that much more intensive. It takes some time to assemble and install but that didn’t stop me from trying to document it.

Here are the parts used for the torso portion of the Assault Shroud.

It attaches to the Duel using pegs and the small hollows on the chest of the Duel Gundam.

Once that is on there are two small pieces to put on the top of the torso.

Then you get to work on the Assault Shroud parts for the back of the torso.

(This is image #9999 taken with this camera. Holy moly.)

On the top of the rear section of the Assault Shroud two small pieces are attached.

I haven’t yet figured out what they are.

This long piece involves putting two very small poly-caps onto two very small pegs from two difficult angles.

So small and difficult I couldn’t take a decent shot.

Then add even more stuff!

On the backpack of the Duel are some noticeable gaps. These are there by design and allow you to attach the Assault Shroud.

These are huge!

For the shoulders two parts are sandwiched around the existing shoulder armor

The right shoulder has a couple extra pieces in its assembly.

The larger piece (on the left) slides onto the arm.

The cuff is just two pieces.

But I know that if I slide that orange piece into place it will never come out so I am just pushing it in enough for the sake of the photos.

Shot so far comparing an half the kit with the Shroud on and half without.

Now for some firepower.

Just mount that baby onto the shoulder.

Now to focus my attention on the skirt.

These attach (supposedly) to the skirt by inserting the pegs into the hollows on the skirt armor.

However, as the each side of the skirt armor moves independently of the other it’s difficult to get them lined up properly. By difficult I mean almost impossible.

What I ended up having to do is separate the upper and lower halves of the Duel so I could remove the skirt armor and frame and then attach them to the Shroud.

Once that was done I reattached the skirt armor to the skirt frame.

Then I built the Shroud for the rear of the skirt.

This attaches in much the same way.

It is easier than the front, thank goodness.

When putting this in place the front part of the Assault Shroud skirt popped off again. Argh!

The parts for the lower leg:

Then the pieces for the big, swinging thruster thingy.



The front assembly is held in place by the side assembly when it is attached.


But wait, we’re not done! With the comparison photos finished I can proceed to assembling the Assault Shroud in full.

Reminds me of the very recent MG Heavy Arms.

‘Why just the top half?’, you might be asking.

Because I had to take it apart again to try and get that front skirt portion in place. It is quite frustrating. When looking at issues of the Hobby Japan and Dengeki Magazines I discovered that the pros got around this pain-in-the-ass problem by using magnets. Magnets! Why didn’t I think of that?


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  1. Ryan says:

    That kits looking Fantastic Syd, i definetly prefer it in armor. Seriously considering spending some birthday money on the kit now.

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    This just assaulted me with its sexiness

  3. Mathias says:

    the front skirts of the shroud really are a big pain in the behind. i fixed it on mine with a tiny bit of sticky tack, works like a treat and you dont see anything.

  4. Kefka says:

    If you are not planning on changing forms I’d glue the front skirts

  5. lowtek says:

    Haha, I did the exact same thing to get the front skirt armor on. It’s a huge pain, and I’ll probably have to glue it later.

  6. ClayCannonII says:

    What is the name of the color used as the main blue of the shroud?

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