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Through this site and also due to the nature of my employment I have found myself being somewhat well known in the Gunpla world, or at least easily accessible, and I often receive emails or messages from Gunplars around the globe and also from people new to the hobby asking for tips and or advice. I received one such mail from someone claiming to be a beginner. Upon checking out his recently started blog, however, I’m not sure I believe him. I mean, check out his PG Aile Strike!

The build is well done with high attention to detail and perhaps hardest of all he captures the spirit of the suit in the poses and pictures. How can this guy be a beginner?!

I would post more pics of his kits but then I think I would be stealing traffic away from his blog and he deserves. I encourage everyone to head on over to Gundam Beginners blog and check it out for yourself.  That PG is worth a look.


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  1. wow, thank you Syd for the big compliment!
    I actually started RG Aile Strike for practice before taking my big step on this PG.

    @ Syd, Your Gunpla TV helped me a lot. i.e. waterslides, panel lining, etc.

    • Dingo says:

      @Gundam Beginner: Amazing, dude!!!!!!! I’m a beginner too, but I’m nowhere near your level, so that makes me a beginning beginner?!?! 😀

      Again, very nice models you got there. 😀

  2. Mark says:

    Hmmm, so what would you consider a beginner’s work then?

  3. sonar says:

    Some people are indeed too humble.

  4. Mathai says:

    Holy Moley! If that’s a beginner then what am I?
    Nice work with the weathering set.

  5. This PG Aile Strike is my 5th gunpla. but wow, thanks for all your compliments!
    really gave me a lot of encouragement.

    I posted my list of 4 other earlier gunplas I completed before this.

    MG Exia – my very very first gunpla. “ugly nubs”
    MG 00 Raiser – started sanding nubs, panel lining and topcoating
    MG Unicorn OVA – started shading edges of armours
    RG Aile Strike – started hand-painting for details

    • Brian says:

      Hey man, how do you paint? Especially, how do you do your shading?

      • I only picked and spray painted some inner frames with Tamiya Gun metal and light Gun metal.
        just to make the all black inner frames look more layers.
        other colours are left original.

        I used 2 shading methods in this kit
        – real touch markers / Gundam fine black panel line, on panel lines + rub it with Q tip.
        – Tamiya Weathering Master set, for the edge shading. just to make flat colours look 3 dimensional.

  6. Brian says:

    But I’ll try your method! Thanks and hope to see more from you! Looking forward to that Qan[t]!

  7. haha, hope my tips work for you. Thanks for your interest on my works, I might try dry brushing on MG Qan[T] this time.. I haven’t tried that before

  8. ClayCannonII says:

    You would think “Beginner PG” would be an oxymoron, this is amazing. Great job. I also commend you for even approaching a PG this soon, they still intimidate me too much

  9. RIP666 says:

    wooahhh, I couldn’t believe this is the works by some newbie or even beginner just as the tittle said.
    the simplicity from this PG aile strike were nice

  10. Thanks. and the same goes to me, I had a hard time starting this PG, everything doubled up from MG.
    But I do think PG is way funner to build. It adds more complexity. you should try a PG.

  11. Mark says:

    I want to try a PG model, but the price tag scares me off

    • Ryan says:

      The Strike is a fantastic PG kit, id argue it is the best of the set. The 00 is far too flimsy and the Wing Zero has far too many small frail parts. Ive not seen the Strike Freedom but i have heard good things.

      Be warned mark the PG Strike doesnt come with the Alie Pack as standard, you get the Gundam, Beam Rifle, Shield and a heavy sword called Grand Slam. At the time i paid approx £175 for my strike and Alie Pack.

      Strikes a fantastic kit tho, very sturdy, extremely posable and ive had mine since release, maybe 6 years now. Hasnt lost any its joint strength, poses perfectly. And out of a collection of 70+ kits he is still the big attention grabber, even when stuck next to a PG wing Zero.

  12. RG Aike Strike is a best 2nd option.. i’ve uploaded photos on my RG Aile Strike if you would like to check it out..

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