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kit: 1/100 MG Gundam AGE-1 Normal

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  1. fury-s12 says:

    Wow that opening shot is probably the first time I’ve thought this Ms looks cool and tough

  2. buzz87 says:

    This is awesome!! This gallery makes me wanna build my own AGE-1.
    and btw, I love the blue, what color did u use? is it tamiya sea blue?

    • syd says:

      the blue is Tamiya TS-15 Blue, the red is TS-49 Bright Red, and the yellow parts were painted TS-56 brilliant Orange. German Grey was used for some of the frame and the rifle/shield.

  3. zoidiect says:

    love the blue and orange-ish yellow 😀

  4. p34ce says:

    Agree with the others, really nice take on the colour scheme. Almost like RX-78-2 vs. A.E.U.G. Mk. II. Definitely getting this MG, after HLJ sends my Strike Freedom! So many great kits this last year…

  5. cheddarmint says:

    Probably an obvious question, but I want to be sure. You airbrush, correct?

    Great site btw.

    • syd says:

      Hi Cheddarmint.

      Thanks for the kind words. No, I don’t airbrush. Everything you see here is with spray cans.

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