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In the First Look post I went so far as to show you the completed torso. With the torso and head done I would like to draw your attention to what makes Titus the bruiser he is. It’s like AGE-1 Normal hit the gym! Now the manual is no longer familiar territory because we are here.

Those massive arms!

The first thing you put together when it comes to the arms is the shoulders. This seemed strange to me because I’m used to putting the shoulders together after the arms are complete.

Make two of these.

Along with a sizable poly-cap they lay inside the large armor pieces that make up the majority of the shoulder.

Then add a couple pieces that you don’t see once the kit is done.

Three more frame pieces are applied before you get to the large round armor parts.

You can see there is a bit of movement here.

The orb.

I was a little surprised by the frame parts for the shoulders. They sandwich the joint together but don’t actually connect. They are only held in place by the last large armor part.

You can’t really see from this picture but where the parts meet there is a bit of a crack. That crack can expand or contract depending on how you move the kit because the armor part is smooth and round.

Quite a bit of movement in those large shoulders.

Then those shoulders I love so much.

Then you start working on the arms. As they are the same for both sides most of the build is of the ‘x 2’ variety.

Very similar to the AGE-1 Normal where you drop the poly-cap into the frame rather than having two parts close around it.

Two of these.

With an armor piece slid on from above.

Then the lower part of the arm. Each lower arm is different so you won’t be x 2ing this.

The poly-cap just sits on the frame part and then is secured when the armor piece is dropped on,

Then you put this little ring on. You can see how the poly-cap inside isn’t centered. The grooves on the poly-cap kind of hold the armor part in place until another armor piece is dropped on from above.

Then the elbow joint, much like the Normal’s.

The lower half of the arm is done.

The white armor piece isn’t secured in any real way so I found it moving up and down depending on how I moved the joint. I found this peculiar. I don’t know what benefit having it loose there has.

The Titus’ thumbs are so big the base of it is two parts!

I see seam line removal in my future.

And putty work.

The hand is pretty cool. It is the AGE-1 Normal hand design but Titus’ hands are so big that you use more than one armor piece.

Then you have your choice of which massive hand part to use.

I, of course, went with the fist.

This is how the arm connects to the shoulder.

Yup, just that little protrusion on the bottom of the shoulder. I worry about how secure this will be. The AGE-1 Normal had a tiny edge jutting out from the frame of the upper arm which fit perfectly into a recess in the shoulder joint frame. Titus doesn’t have that.

Kinda cool.

AGE-1 Normal on steroids.

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