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I had some moments before dinner so I decided to play around with the MG Banshee’s weapons.

So here’s the right arm, which I detached from the Banshee because I figured it would be much easier to play round with without the rest of the suit attached. Apparently this is called the Armed Armor BS. Hmm.

First thing to do is flip this little portion out.

Then flip it to the other side.

Then tuck that piece in covering up the hand.

Be sure the hand is in the form of a fist otherwise it the flap won’t go in place properly.

Expand the arm as you would with the Unicorn.

Then pull out the ends of the weapon exposing the psycho frame.

Now for the other arm, which is dubbed the Armed Armor VN. hmmm.

Flip open the claws.

That’s more or less it really.

You can flip down the beam saber handle and use the saber if you like.

As dinner was not quite ready I had time to try out a few poses, though Mrs. Gai-Gun was on me to clear the table.

Zebracorn makes a cameo.

I want to make everyone aware that with these heavy weapons on and extended he tends to stand a little shaky.

Still with dinner not quite ready, though someone still telling me to clear the table, I did a little bit more.

I wanted to see how easily the Armed Armor could be removed.

It’s actually really quite simple and only took a couple of minutes (which is good because that’s all I had.)

Here he is posing as a Unicorn.

P.S. Dinner was spaghetti and was delicious.

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  1. asian1skill says:

    i just got mine but i really dont like that inner frame as much as i love orange/yellow. anyways will u be doing a paintjob on this kit or just leaving it as it is? and the weapons look sick too bad they dont give u runners for the standard beam magnum.

    • syd says:

      I’ll be painting it somewhat. still deciding if I want to paint the regular frame and what tone of to make the armor parts.

  2. cipher says:

    uhh i wanna eat your dinner too

  3. Hypnos says:

    That railgun is huge, still deciding wich color to paint it ?

  4. HappyBoi says:

    Hi, you forgot to post the photo of banshee posing as Unicorn!
    And between this and Epyon which do you prefer?

    • syd says:

      That’s a tough call. I think the transformation of the Epyon is much easier, though both kits have their issues in the skirt area.

      • Ryan says:

        If it was a choice between Full Armor Unicorn or Banshee Unicorn id definetly choose them over Epyon, i love kits with lots of extra’s or a unique gimmick.

      • HappyBoi says:

        ah i see, thanks! Great blog!

  5. Sky shadow says:

    Nice job! Just wondering, what happened to asm? His blog is now closed… And I kind of miss him!

    • syd says:

      ASM has been busy with work and a young baby but last time we talked he showed me some of the work he’s been doing with his site. I’m sure it will be back up in the very near future.

  6. Dennis says:

    I really like this kit; mine’s 50% more of less done. Railgun and claw are sick! Now that I have an MG of this bad boy I’ll need to figure a custom paint scheme for it or the HG. Something that says I’m a bad ass….

  7. ClayCannonII says:

    Seeing as the frames are basically the same. Can you mix the Unicron’s and Banshee’s psycho frames?

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