Gaijin Gunpla

Everything starts here.

Okay, well maybe not everything but that is a good lead in line.

Here are the majority of the parts for the rifle (is it a rifle?).

Looks more like a musket so far. You can see the a section of it swings forward.

Here’s the handle which looks very much like the handle of a rapier.

The rifle mounts as two separate sections, one on each side of the skirt.

But together they look like this.


A couple of small hand daggers.

Here’s a couple of effect parts.

The are designed to work with this device on the arm.

Then these two things come into play.

These are molded to look like chains.

To use them you first take off the front skirt armor.

This leaves this poly-cap for connecting to the chain.

Flip the outside part of the front skirt armor downwards, attach the chain, and…

… you get this.

So if I get this right, the Crossbone uses the armor it has to protect itself as a weapon. Very crafty.

The shoulder has these little clasps that flip up, being used for the cape.

I followed the manual (somewhat) but stopped here.

This is the best I could do. Well, the best I felt like doing at the time. The cape doesn’t really do anything for me. I was more focused on this.

Ver. Ka decals.

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  1. wow, that’s one unique riffle. but yeah, Ver Ka decals… looking forward to that.

  2. Jeff says:

    If you’ve read the manga(it’s short but sweet), the cloak is so much more awesome. It’s a shame Bandai never made repaints if this kit in the form of the other two crossbones units from the manga.

  3. Syberio says:

    actually, the “Riffle” is like a multi tool knife ^^

    it’s a gun, the saber like handle is actually a sword, and finaly you ca use both together to make the rifle.

    look at the crossbone like a pirate, an old powder gun in one hand and a sword in the other 🙂

  4. Alex says:

    You can cut the edge of the Crossbone’s Cloak to made it more badass 😀 they provide us some of the cloak pattern on the manual if i remember,but i forgot on which page the pattern is

  5. Randhy says:

    i totally agreed with Jeff, as he said, “It’s a shame Bandai never made repaints of this kit in the form of the other two crossbones units from the manga.”

    if only BANDAI ever “reproduce” this kit, along with the other 2, X-2 & X-3, i would have bought all three… X-2 is such a badass… 😀

  6. Ryan says:

    Now you know why i altered the cape on mine Syd. Its pretty poor.

  7. Shaomu/Nyanerius says:

    Man, I remember spending more than two hours trying to get that cape to stay on properly. Still haven’t gotten the hang of it even after three years….

    • Ryan says:

      Felt your pain dude, but you forgot the fun part, Attempting to put the Gundam in a pose without the cape coming off. Terrible idea for a cape, and poorly executed. Minor smear on a otherwise great little model.

  8. that’s not a rifle, that’s a nuclear grenade launcher in the shape of a flintlock pistol
    that other one’s not a rapier, it’s literally a beam sabre
    the rifle doesn’t mount as two separate sections on either side of the hips, the two awesome weapons mounted on the hips combine to make the beam rifle
    those aren’t just a couple of effect parts on some device, those are the brand markers, crossbone’s signature weapons for leaving cross shaped scars in his victims
    those chain things aren’t armours that he uses to protect himself, those are scissor anchors that he uses to reel in his next victim – if he has’t reeled himself in to his victim and torn him apart already
    that’s not just any crappy cape, that’s a crappy rendition of the all-powerful anti-beam cloak

    honestly, crossbone is far more over-the-top and otherworldly powerful than you make it out to be.
    you gotta know the lore to know what kind of a terrible beast you really are dealing with =D

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