Gaijin Gunpla

I write that as if I’m going to do something radical. Well, that isn’t really the case at all.

My original plan was to paint the Banshee as close as I can to the original color and use some Mr. Hobby Gold and gundam marker on that weird yellow runner.

The armor would be painted with Tamiya’s Dark blue

Well, the paint didn’t really stick well, to that yellow runner and the gold came out kind of iffy, so my plan changed. Instead of that yellow runner I would use the runner that came with the Bandai Exclusive Final Battle Banshee.

While I was at it I ordered the Final Battle version water slide decals. Yay, waterslides!

One of the issues regarding painting came because I decided I wanted to paint the frame parts that are exposed through the armor gold, as they look in the shots on the manual. Those frame parts are actually psycho frame parts. Instead of giving you gold parts, Bandai molded the same frame parts on the new psycho frame runner.

I understand why Bandai did this but it still looks tacky. If you just use the psycho frame replacement frame part you can see the psycho frame on the underside of the skirt. It sticks out like a sore thumb. If I paint the part that is supposed to show through gold, it would leave the rest still that orange color. If I painted everything gold, the effect would still be tacky. Instead what I opted to do was use the original (non-psycho frame) skirt frame parts and paint them gold. If I sprayed directly onto the top hitting the part that is supposed to be showing through the skirt armor, then the other side would remain the frame color and would look just like the frame of a regular MG Unicorn.

I’m still waiting for a good day to spray the armor, so I can’t show how it worked yet.

But when it comes to the legs I had to do something similar. The psycho frame parts they give you as leg frame parts are different from the previous MG Unicorn frame parts so I couldn’t do what I did with the skirt. What I opted to do instead was first spray the psycho frame parts from a gloss black, then spray with silver.

After that I sprayed them gold, waited for them to dry and assembled what I could with what painted armor parts I had.

The armor in this shot looks black, doesn’t it. Well, it is and it isn’t. When I sprayed a test piece with the Tamiya Dark Blue it looked dark, but it definitely looked blue. I decided to darken that Dark Blue by spraying a gloss black on the armor part and then waiting and spraying the Dark Blue. It definitely came out darker, but it was too dark so a second coat of Dark Blue was applied. After waiting for the first batch of armor parts to dry I assembled as much as I could to see how the gold and black/blue combo worked.

When I assembled the feet I realized that I will have to come up with a really black black color to make sure the dark armor parts of the feet (and backpack) stand apart from the now blackish armor parts.

But I can’t worry about that yet. With the weather still damp on weekends I haven’t even been able to get outside and spray the rest of the armor parts. C’mon spring, give me some warm weather love.

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  1. Hypnos says:

    are you going to paint the psycho frame golden too ?

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    Looking good

  3. Colorstay says:

    I’m curious where you ordered the final battler ver waterslide decals. Do you mind pointing me to where you ordered it? I live in Canada if you know where would be the best place for me to order it. Thanks.

    • syd says:

      I ordered them straight from Bandai. They are considered parts and can be ordered the same way. I don’t know what options there are in Canada but I do know GG Infinite has a part replacement service so I imagine he could probably get these for you.

  4. agent says:

    Wait syd! Your saying we can buy the gold water slides seperately?!

  5. CarlLewisC says:

    would tamiya black spray paint with a gloss top coat look like gloss black tamiya spray paint?

  6. Randhy says:

    wow… you’re so lucky to be able to order those from BANDAI… man, i’m in Indonesia, and i’m so envious…. 🙁

    i wish i can do the same too, because i really want to make a Ver. Ka out of my OVA Banshee. i do wished someone could help me get those…

  7. Moleculas says:

    I am in Japan, and I tried this website, but I think you need the item code for the banshee ver ka to order the parts. where can you get this code?

    • syd says:

      The code can be found on the sheet/manual that has the parts order form. It is usually on the bottom left corner (iirc) of the parts form you can cut out of the manual and mail to bandai. Ordering from the site you have to order entire runners not single parts though the decals you may be able to get.

      • Moleculas says:

        Haha the problem is that I only possess the usual version of the Banshee, not the ver ka, so I do not think I can order the ver ka decals and parts. Can I have the code for the ver ka pls? Will be eternally grateful!:P

  8. Moleculas says:

    i meant this! sorry about that.

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