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The arms on the Titus were very unique for a Master Grade so now let’s see how the legs compare.

The skirt frame is the same as the AGE-1 Normal at the start all the way up to the front and rear center blocks. In fact, the rear block even includes the openable panel that can take the rifle, but the Titus has no rifle.

And the armor engineering for the skirt flaps are also the same.

I imagine it’s due to Titus’ massive legs that there is no room for the lower armor portion of the front skirt flaps. While the rear flaps are quite large there’s no flaps on the front aside from the yellow parts.

I went ahead and attached it to the torso.

Then realized there are side skirts.

Quite small. No wonder I didn’t see them.

Now for the monster mounds of metal that are his feet.

Here are the front halves.

The poly-cap kind of just sits there on the frame and is then held in place by the white armor piece.

Then the rears.

Here are the ankle joints.

I actually thought the ankles would be much the same as the AGE-1 Normal’s with the floating piece which connects to the floating armor (for lack of a better term) underneath a polycap and sandwiched between the frame parts, however, what you can see here is that the floating piece sits on a round part of the frame from behind.

It still has quite a bit of free movement.

Then you have the three components.

Then the floating ankle armor is attached.

There’s a second floating piece, this time in white.

Monstrous foot.

Then the manual has you build the two knee coverings.

Now for the leg frame. The Normal’s frame was quite a departure from the norm (pun intended) and the Titus is much the same.

Sandwich the poly-cap from above and below

Then two bulbous armor parts make up the lower leg.

Then the same is done with the upper leg. Sandwich the poly-cap…

…then sandwich.

Put on one more armor part.

Now for the knee joint. While it shares the same engineering as the AGE-1 Normal the pieces are a different shape and are larger.

The ankle joint is exactly the same.

With all the components done I get to assemble the leg.

The knee kind of looks like a face.

Despite their size they have some good articulation.

So I tried to pose it as it’s shown in the manual.

Not bad.

Though he’s the same height as the normal, which is a little smaller than some MGs he looks so much bigger.

Now to play with him!

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  1. Wow, I thought as it gets bigger and chunkier, it would lose some of its articulations?
    but looks as good as Normal Age-1..
    looks very cool too!

  2. Jeff says:

    After building this one, are you looking to pick up the Spallow too?

    • syd says:

      I don’t have much interest in the Spallow despite my affection for the Normal. However, I can be swayed easily when it comes to plastic.

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    Someone’s been hitting the gym

  4. Dennis says:

    Ya Know steroid use is bad for you!!! LOL

  5. Mark says:

    Clash of the titans! XD

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