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I’m still more off than on when it comes to the Gundam AGE anime, but the first AGE Master Grade was a Master Grade masterpiece. It was because the AGE-1 Normal was so good that I picked up the Titus, but does the Titus meet my high expectations?

Overall Look: 8/10

I do prefer the look of the Normal over the Titus and while those bulky arms and legs do have their appeal I find that when looking at the Titus, from some angles anyway, the torso seems far too small. If they had bulked up that area as well it would have made a difference in the overall feel of this suit. It’s still one of the more unique looking MGs out there.

Colors: 8/10

Aside from being much bulkier than its older brother the Titus isn’t much different in colors. Where there was white on the AGE-1 there is red on the Titus. The red actually works well for those huge pieces. Keeping them white would not have the same effect.

Weapons: 8/10
What do I do here? The Titus has no weapons (though it does have the hatch on the back of its torso to mount a rifle).

What it does have are its enormous hands…

And those crazy beam effect parts.

Thank goodness Bandai gave us an entire runner for effect parts or this suit would have been pretty plain. I should mention that the hand, like the AGE-1 Normal’s, work really well and stay in place for the most part. This is very much appreciated.

Articulation: 9/10

The AGE-1 Normal had amazing articulation and the Titus isn’t far behind. It can assume a variety of poses, however, due to its top heavy design it does take a bit of care to put the Titus into some of the more elaborate stances. One thing to note is that the shoulder design I lauded in the AGE-1 review is still there on the Titus, of course, but those large medicine balls for shoulders do hinder it somewhat.

The joint does allow for upwards movement but the weight of the shoulder just brings it back down. You can’t fight gravity. Still the Titus can look pretty awesome.

And yes, I tested its balance, too.

Build Design: 9/10

Being that the torso and skirt are the same as those of the Normal this kit, of course, scores high. The legs are also very well done and articulate well while still looking bulky.

The hands, as mentioned before, work really well and attach easily.

The Titus also shares a not-so-good design issue that the Normal also features; the arm connection.

Other than a tight-fitting poly-cap there isn’t much holding the arm onto the shoulder. While the AGE-1 Normal could get away with this kind of design due to being very light, the Titus’ extra girth makes its arm heavier and this design might not be the best choice. I found the arm came off quite easily and the times when the poly-cap gripped tightly, the frame of the arm would just slide off. It does make posing the kit a little more tricky, but it doesn’t destroy the enjoyment this kit can offer.

One other thing to mention is that the lower arm has a gap designed into it in order to use the beam effect part circles.

This makes it easy to take the arm apart to put them on, however the downside of this is that without those discs in place you’ll often see the separation of the armor parts.

It does look unsightly at times and I can’t help thinking there was a better way to do this.

The effect parts for the knees and shoulders, however, go on flawlessly.

Fun Factor: 9/10

The Normal was a lot of fun and a lot of that had to do with being such a novel experience. It goes without saying that the novelty wears off a bit with the second kit but it’s still good experience once you get to breaking new ground when assembling those massive limbs. It was fun to see how Bandai would pull off making something so large move so well.

Add to that those extra beam effect parts you can swap in and out and playing with this guy is an enjoyable experience.

I put the Titus through its paces for these photos and he proved quite capable, even if I wore him out. 😉

Extras: 7/10
Other than the stand attachment there’s isn’t much in the way of extras (probably because I counted the beam effect parts as weapons. ha!) but they do give you this!

Molded on that beam runner is this little piece which you can use to store your effect part spikes so as not to lose them. Nice bonus, Bandai!

The Titus is close enough to the Normal to be classified as a quality MG while at the same time being different enough to be viewed as its own creature. If you can only build one of the AGE-1 MG kits then (so far) the Normal is the way to go but if you’re just looking for good MG fun then the Titus also fills that role nicely.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    I’m afraid to say anything bad, I don’t want it chasing after me

  2. i don’t really like the titus, nor do i like the spoiler, but somehow, your photos actually made me realize the spoiler looks much more proportionate on titus…to the point where i think the spoiler looks good at a lot of angles, even though i still don’t quite like titus lolololol

  3. Joe says:

    I think the Titus needs a cannon, then it will be a true heavy hitter. Also, I think, somehow the red of the Titus should have been the blue of Spallow and visa-versa. Mayhaps some painting is in order when I get mine.

  4. Nice review! I kinna like Age-1 normal more. somehow.
    Lets see what Sparrow looks like compare to Titus and Normal
    @Syd, do you miss the 1+3 fingers? or do you prefer this swapping fingers?

  5. Paulo951 says:

    If you look at the second picture in the fun factor category, the one with all the effect parts on and if you painted him green or two tone green you’d get Cactus Gundam!

  6. Stubbo66 says:

    It’s the rear spoiler that really detracts from all the age kits for me, as a backpack it really doesn’t look like it belongs, what possible purpose would it have?

    Don’t get me wrong I’ll buy all the AGE-1 MG kits (sucker for MG) but I’ll definately be doing somethign different with the backback.

    I worry more about the Spallow, the interesting armour saved the Titus, but the Spallow looks very weak on extras, and a lot skinier overall. Probably have to do some customisation, think it lends itself to some bigger blades.

    • syd says:

      I’m in the same boat. I don’t find the Spallow particularly interesting at all, though I imagine the articulation will be equal to the AGE-1 Normal. I kind of like the spoiler on the Titus. Those shoulders are so wide that the wide spoiler actually works on the suit.

  7. Ryan says:

    Doesnt do anything for me

  8. Ben says:

    In the end the MG Titus is a pass for me, the HG pulls off all the nice poses nicely and the extra hands really don’t do it for me(Karate chop?!?). Its the definitive choice for MG lovers and Age fans, other gunpla builders might opt for the cheaper HG instead which I highly recommend as one of the best HG kits ever (and i’m not the only one).

    The Titus would have deserved more anime time, its first appearance was epic and actually convincing, but then it was used only two more times without as much “wow” factor as the Spallow which required a bit more epic scenes for people to be sold on the design (ah Flitt Vs Desil seems like such a long time ago). The extra hands really give attitude to the Spallow. The HG looks great standing and posing with the simple sword(sticker though) but I can understand the frustration of having so few extras on a MG kit(the Double bullet looks like Overkill in comparison) and factor in that building the main parts of a MG is more time consuming than for the HG, the feeling of redundancy will be more felt than on the MG Wing line.

    Ever since MG Impulse I tend to feel that some designs could have been so much more epic with those proportions, I mean MG impulse makes Spallow and Exia look chubby.

  9. Tony says:

    Reminds me of the Maxter from G Gundam… they really need to revisit that series for some seriously great MGs…. Those suit designs were just plain fun to look at, and mixed up the usual batch of suit colors a lot. Dear Bandai, pleas read this and make me happy 🙂

  10. scid says:

    i juz bought this kit..your right its hands easy to slide off from the shoulder..other than that its articulation is off the chart!!! its even bypass my aile strike mg..bcoz of gunpla tv and of course u syd, this month i spent quite a lot for buying 7 sets of gunpla kit plus one from HLJ..keep up the good work ur review and your work

  11. Geekman says:

    Hi, Syd, great review. I really like your reviews, as you would write down the good and the bad of a kit, and those really helped me choosing what kit I’d buy.

    I was at first attracted by the look of this kit (the bulky hands and legs) but was unsure after finding out that it has virtually NO weapons, a very disappointing factor to me, but I decided to get the Titus after reading your review.

    However, I’ll definitely cut off the spoiler, that’s the first thing I’ll do with this kit. Looked like Bandai accidentally recruited some 4WD designer from Tamiya to do the design of the AGE series. Sheesh…

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