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The skirt starts the lower half of the Banshee build and it is pretty much the same as the Unicorn. Right away I started with a bang.

Make that a snap. This tiny piece snapped off the back of the front skirt armor when I tried to attach the connector, but fear not everyone. I’ve already received my replacement parts from Bandai.

Here is notable difference number 1 on the skirt.

The frame piece you use for the back skirt is the yellow psycho frame piece and not the gray piece you would use if you were building the Unicorn. Why is this? Read on.

Looking at the rear skirt you can see the tiny opening which shows the vent. On the regular unicorn this would be the gray frame color showing through but because several portions of the Banshee are gold Bandai instead made them show through as orange but molding those pieces as part of the extra psycho frame runner. While I think this is one solution it doesn’t satisfy me and I will be painting some things.

They also did this for the side skirts. (Noticeable difference number 2.)

The piece on the left is the Unicorn frame part while the right is the Banshee. I’ll need to paint the piece on the right so the vents are gold. Masking?

The feet are the same as the Unicorn so I don’t need to show much for this section.

Here’s the leg frame with the orange psycho frame parts applied.

The parts for the rear of the lower leg are different than the Unicorn’s though.

These two parts were added to the frame runner of the Unicorn.

These are the frame parts that the Unicorn uses on the runner.

The new pieces seem slightly shorter?

Then these parts are used.


I wasn’t expecting this, to be honest. I thought I would be using the normal frame parts.

However, on the side of the Banshee’s legs are tiny protrusions.

Tiny indeed. There is one tiny piece for the top and another for the bottom. The bottom one is even smaller!

Looking at the picture on the back of the manual, these pieces are supposed to be gold, but like the skirt Bandai opted to mold them on the extra psycho frame runner.

When you finish the leg…

…you notice the protrusions.

It will be easy enough to paint them the gold color, but notice the little gaps where the side leg armor meets the front? That visible psycho frame should also be gold. I will have to come up with a way to paint these as well. (Don’t worry, I already know how I will do it.)

There is no Hyper Bazooka or Beam Magnum on this kit (though I think I have a spare in the FA Unicorn box) but they do give you the parts to make the shield even though you won’t be able to attach the shield with the way the Banshee’s arms are designed.

But what the heck…


I prefer the MG Unicorn in Unicorn Mode but I think I’m going to like the Banshee better in its Destroy Mode.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    If you paint it will it be able to glow under a black light?

    • syd says:

      That’s the problem, so the plan is to paint only the parts of the psycho frame that protrude through the armor when in Unicorn mode. Wish me luck.

      • ClayCannonII says:

        Good luck, hopefully going to start my Miku project soon

      • the shield can still mount on the backpack right?

      • syd says:

        I haven’t tried to mount it but the backpack is the same so it should attach without any problems.

      • i just realized my comment was irrelevant to what i was replying to lolol

        i forgot to say that you should try painting the inside of the psychoframe gold, maybe that would make it look shinier while still glowing in blacklight =D
        or would that just look weird?
        you can be the lab rat and find out for the rest of us lol

  2. Dingo says:

    I snapped the same part on my Unicorn ver ka. And I was not in Japan, so super glue was the only option. What a mess. >.<

  3. Estilo says:

    You made me want to buy this kit even i dont want it… by the way, how u get replacement from Bandai for the broken part… my unicorn broke as yours and i cannot finish it now…

    • syd says:

      Hi Estilo,

      Living in Japan I can get replacement parts easily. For people outside of Japan the only part service I have seen is on Gundam Guy’s GG Infinite store.

  4. Parts for shield (How to) says:

    Sorry, could you email me how you fix the shield for the Gundam? Its not in the manual and im kinda lost :/. Email me at title the email as ‘Banshee Unicorn’ thanks 🙂

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